Subaru Legacy 1997 | Lights flash after battery replacement or drain/recharge cycle

Subaru Legacy GTX 1997

  • You replace the battery
  • Your battery drains to zero or beyond

Upon battery replacement, the blinker lights flash on and off.  Similar to the hazard lights, but slower.


  • Recipe 1 [unverified]
    • Run a lock/unlock cycle with the keyfob remote.
  • Recipe 2
    1. Engine off
    2. Remove the negative terminal of the battery
    3. Key in the ignition, turn key to “position 3″ just before ignition
    4. Reconnect the negative terminal of the battery
      There must be 20 seconds between Steps 2 and 4.
    5. Lights are not flashing,
  • Recipe 3 [unverified]
    • Something incomprehensible about flipping the ignition key into “position 3″ (on and off) five times in a single second.

I used Recipe 2


Parking Lights Flash after disconnecting battery; In Subaru Outback Forum; 2010-09