Attack of the Zombie Web Sites, owned by 301 Network, Monkey Frog, Market 57, Orange Box, Arceneaux, Becks, AdSupply, Focus Marketing, Lepton Labs, Willis, Corson, VivaGlam, RecipeGreen, Van Derham | BuzzFeed

Attack of the Zombie Websites; Craig Silverman; In BuzzFeed; 2017-10-17.
Teaser: <snip>actual reporting, by an actual reporter</snip> how seemingly-credible players in the ad supply chain can play an active role in — and profit from — fraud.


Whereas the article buries the lede way way down under the fold…
  • 301network Media, allied “dbas”; Matt Arceneaux, Andrew Becks.
    Monkey Frog Media, Market 57, Orange Box Media
  • AdSupply, allied “dbas”; Eric Willis, Chris Corson.
    Focus Marketing, Lepton Labs
  • KVD Brand Inc.; Katarina Van Derham.

Original Sources

  • Social Puncher, an research boutique, operated as
  • Pixelate, opined; claims independent discovery.
  • Protected Media, opined, as commissioned, from BuzzFeed.
  • Integral Ad Sciences (IAS), opined, as commissioned, from BuzzFeed..


  • “self-driven”
  • “session hijacking”
  • “friend or foe” system
  • “ad hell”
  • <quote>It was the digital equivalent of skimming from a casino.</quote>
  • “Clawbacks”
  • “In-human traffic,” “non-human traffic”
    because nobody in the trade wants to say “robot.”


The Offenses
  • “Approximately” 40 websites.
  • “Over” 100 brands [what's a brand?]
  • “roughly” 50 brands “appeared multiple times.” [what does that mean?]
The Tease
  • <quote>the CEO of an ad platform and digital marketing agency is an owner of 12 websites that earned revenue from the fraudulent views, and his company provided the ad platform used by sites in the scheme.</quote>
  • <quote>That company is owned by a model and online entrepreneur who played Bob Saget’s girlfriend on the HBO show Entourage.</quote>
  • <quote><snip/>a former employee of a large ad network who runs a group of eight sites that were part of the fraud, and who consults for a company with another eight sites in it.</quote>
  • <quote>A site in the scheme is owned by the cofounder of one of the 20 largest ad networks in the United States</quote>.


  • 301network, a marketplace (“an ad platform”) and allied “dbas”;
    Matt Arceneaux, Andrew Becks.
  • AdSupply, various “dbas”;
    Eric Willis, Chris Corson.
  • KVD Brand Inc.;
    Katarina Van Derham.
  • Matt Arceneaux, CEO, partner, 301 Digital Media.
  • Andrew Becks, COO, partner, 301 Digital Media
  • Eric Willis, vice president, OMG LLC
    is a man,
    ex-staff AdSupply,
  • Chris Corson, founder of AdSupply,
    is part owner of an [unnamed] LLC that operates
  • Katarina Van Derham,
    • is a publisher,
      is an online publisher,
    • lives in Los Angeles,
    • has performed as a model
    • has fame,
      has fame from playing Bob Saget’s girlfriend on the HBO show Entourage.
    • owns KVD Brand Inc.
301 Digital Media
  • a marketing agency
  • Nashville, TN
  • LinkedIn page [existed]

    • Scripps
    • Pfizer
  • gold-level sponsor, Digital Marketing Conference, New York, 2017-11.


  • Integral Ad Sciences (IAS) → $20 million in 2017.
  • Pixelate → $2 million per year.”
    Which is it?

The Validation

Re-checking the work of the Social Puncher staff
  • Integral Ad Science (IaS)


  • Ford
  • Hershey’s
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • MGM Resorts International
  • Proctor & Gamble (P&G)
  • Unilever
  • Charmin
  • Olay
  • Oral-B
  • Orgullosa
    [is that really a brand? yes. Spanish, translation proud
    <quote>Orgullosa is for women who don't settle for walking the same path, but instead make a new one every day.</quote> <quote ref="presser">P&G’s Orgullosa Launches the Nueva Latina Campaign to Celebrate and Showcase the Unique Experience of the Bicultural, Modern Latina </quote>]
  • Secret


  • Matt Arceneaux, CEO, 301 Digital Media
    listed as a perpetrator.


For color, background & verisimilitude…
  • Amin Bandeali, the CTO of Pixalate
  • Shailin Dhar, (now) founder, Method Media Intelligence.
    Method Media Intelligence is a research boutique
  • Mary Hynes, director of corporate communication, MGM International
  • Kristin Lemkau, chief marketing officer, JPMorgan Chase.
  • Jalal Nasir, CEO, Pixalate.
  • Maria Pousa, chief marketing officer, Integral Ad Sciences (IAS).
  • Marc Pritchard, chief brand officer, Proctor & Gamble (P&G)
    honorific: the consumer products giant
  • Vlad Shevtsov, director of investigations, Social Puncher
  • David Taylor, CEO, Proctor & Gamble (P&G).
  • Mike Zaneis, CEO, Trustworthy Accountability Group


The location of the fraud
    well, there’s your problem… the TLD online just feels sketchy, doesn’t it?
    • uses automated [robot] content generation scheme
      “100% Fully Automated Videos – You won’t have to worry about new content. Comes with a custom plugin with your own license,” via blurb at Flippa,
    • 2016-12, purchased by Katarina Van Derham, for $59 in an auction
    • 2017-01 → 2017-08, was “showered” with traffic, then none.
    • branded Viva Glam,
    • operated by Katarina Van Derham since 2012,
    • not purchased from Pakistan or elsewhere.


  • Monkey Frog Media LLC.
    • is a shell company [a holding company]
    • exposed for fraud “at seven sites”, by Pixelate [WHEN?]
    • Owned by Matt Arceneaux
    • d.b.a. Happy Planet Media
    • Has five more web sites
      whose domains are registered as being owned by 301 Digital Media, which is [owned?] by Matt Arceneaux
    • earlier [WHEN?] Matt Arcenaux’s home address for registration.
    • since 2015; as evidenced by 2015-12-11, Matt Arceneaux signs a contract as the “manager” of Monkey Frog Media.
  • Market 57 LLC
    • which had five sites
    • Same asddress as 301 Media
    • failing
    •, uses 301 Media’s Amazon affiliate code
    • earlier [WHEN?] Matt Arcenaux’s home address for registration.
  • Orange Box Media LLC
    • owns five sites
    • filing
    • uses Matt Arcenaux’s home address.
    • Observed by the Social Puncher staff: at circa 2017-09-08T12:00 EDT, all sites were unavailable simultaneously
  • Something about Facebook.
    Facebook is bad.
  • AppNexus was trading 301 Network Media’s media.
  • Online Media Group LLC (OMG LLC)
    • A shell company [a holding company]
    • owns seven sites
    • ran session hijacking code
    • Eric Willis, vice president, OMG LLC
      is a man.
  • AdSupply, seemed clean, maybe;

    • Chris Corson, cofounder, executive vice president, AdSupply.
    • Chris Corson, is part owner of an LLC that operates, a site that contained [the] session hijacking code.
      • is longstanding
      • produces some original content
      • has a YouTube channel, “close to” 2 million subscribers.
    • Focus Marketing. LLC,
      Chris Corson is the part owner.
    • Lepton Labs LLC,
      • purveyors of AllDaySlim, a weight-loss elixr.
    • Chris Corson is the part owner.
  • KVD Brand Inc.
    • eight sites
    • performed in the session hijacking scheme.
    • owned by Katarina Van Derham
    • bought the sites & their business from “someone in Pakistan.”
      • uses automated [robot] content generation scheme
        “100% Fully Automated Videos – You won’t have to worry about new content. Comes with a custom plugin with your own license,” via blurb at Flippa,
      • 2016-12, purchased by Katarina Van Derham, for $59 in an auction
      • 2017-01 → 2017-08, was “showered” with traffic, then none.


Hosted at

  • Something, of
  • Something, maybe an article, from
  • Something, maybe a “website,” of Focus Marketing. LLC
  • Something, maybe a “website,” of OMG LLC (Online Media Group, LLC)
  • Something, maybe a “product page,” for AllDaySlim, a weight-loss elixr.

Hosted at

  • Media Kit of, as archived circa 2015-02-17T06:33:42.

Hosted at

Hosted on

Hosted on

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Pre-Conference AdTech Summarization | Gubbins

; Things you should know about AdTech, today; In His Blog, centrally hosted on LinkedIn; 2017-08-30; regwalled (you have to login to linkedin).


Boosterism in front of the trade shows
  • Exchange Wire #ATSL17
  • Dmexco
  • Programmatic IO


  • There be consolidation in the DSP category.
  • There will be more DSPs not less fewer.
  • Owned & Operated (O&O)
  • preferential deals
  • private equity companies
  • party data & a GDPR compliant screen agnostic ID
  • no “point solutions.”
  • Doubleclick Bid Manager (DBM), Google
  • Lara O’Reilly; Some Article; In Business Insider (maybe); WHEN?
    tl;dr → something about how Google DSP DBM guarantee “fraud-free” traffic.
  • Ads.txtAuthorized Digital Sellers, IAB Tech Lab
  • Claimed:
    comScore publishers are starting to adopt Ads.txt

Buy Side

Deal Flow
  • Sizmek acquired Rocket Fuel, (unverified) $145M.
  • Tremor sells its DSP to Taptica for $50M.
  • Singtel acquired Turn for $310M.
No flow, yet
  • Adform
  • MediaMath
  • DataXu
  • AppNexus

Sell Side

  • Header Bidding (HB)
    • Replaces the SSP category
    • <quote>effectively migrated the sell sides narrative & value prop of being a yield management partner to that of a feet on the street publisher re-seller.</quote>
  • QBR (Quarterly Business Result?)
  • Prebid.js
  • With server bidding, too.
  • Supply Path Optimization (SPO)
    • Brian O’Kelley (AppNexus); Article; In His Blog; WHEN?
      Brian O’Kelley, CEO, AppNexus.
    • Article; ; In ExchangeWire; WHEN?
  • Exchange Bidding in Dynamic Allocation (EBDA), Google
The Rubicon Project
a header tag, compatible with most wrappers, no proprietary wrapper, only Prebid.js
Index Exchange
a header tag, compatible with most wrappers, a proprietary wrapper
a header tag that, compatible with many (not ‘most’) wrappers, a proprietary wrapper
a header, compatible with many (not ‘most’) wrappers, a proprietary wrapper (that is better than OpenX’s which is not enterprise grade)
a header tag, compatible with many (not ‘most)’ wrappers, a proprietary wrapper.
  • TrustX
    • with
      • Digital Content Next
      • IPONWEB
      • ANA
    • Something about a transparent marketplace.
  • Something about another supply network
    • German
    • trade press in Digiday
  • No header bidding, yet.
  • Mobile equals Adware (“in app”)
    • but Apps don’t have “browsers.”
    • but App browsers don’t have “pages” with “headers.”
    • though Apps have SDKs (libraries).
  • RTL acquires SpotX
  • <quote>One could argue video is the perfect storm for header bidding, limited quality supply & maximum demand, the ideal conditions for a unified auction…</quote>
Talking Points
  • The industry is currently debating the pros & cons of running header bidding either client or server side (A lot boils down to latency V audience match rates)
  • Google offer their own version of header bidding, this is referred to as EBDA (Exchange Bidding in Dynamic Allocation) and is available to DFP customers.
  • Facebook recently entered header bidding by launching a header tag that enables publishers to capture FAN demand via header bidding on their mobile traffic.
  • Criteo entered header bidding by offering publishers their header tag (AKA Direct Bidder) that effectively delivers Criteos unique demand into the publisher’s header auction, at a 1st rather than cleared 2nd price.
  • Amazon have launched a server to server header bidding offering for publishers that delivers unique demand and the ability to manage other S2S demand partners for the publisher.
Extra Credit
  • <quote>senior AdTech big wigs</quote>
  • programmatic auction process
  • 1st v 2nd price
  • 2nd price was for waterfall
  • 1st price will be for unified (header bidding)

General Data Protection Regulation’ (GDPR)

  • 2018-05
  • Consent must be collected.
  • Will make 2nd party data marketplaces economical.
  • The salubrious effect.
  • Publishers have a Direct Relationship with consumers.
    this is argued as being “better.”
  • Industry choices
    • collect holistic consent
      <quote>one unified [process] of consumer [outreach] rather than one for every vendor</quote>
    • individual vendor consent
      <quote>for every cookie or device ID that flows through the OpenRTB pipes we have spent the last 10 years laying.</quote>

Viewability & Brand Safety

  • IAB
  • MRC

Talking Points

  • Moat was sold to Oracle for reported number of $800M.
  • PE Firm Providence Equity bought a % of Double Verify giving them a reported value of $300M.
  • Integral Ad Science remains independent, for now


  • Telcos have what everybody in AdTech wants:
    • accurate data
    • privacy compliant data
    • scaled data
    • 1st party data.
  • Telcos want what AdTech & publishing companies have:
    • programmatic sell and buy side tools
    • content creation functions
    • distribution at scale.
    • diversification of revenues

Talking Points

  • Verizon buys AOL & Yahoo to form Oath, a publisher, a DSP, a DMP.
  • Telenor buys TapAd, a cross-device DMP-type-thing
  • Altice buys Teads, a streaming video vendor)
  • Singtel buys Turn, a DSP
  • AT&T needs a line in this list; might want to buy Time Warner which is a movie studio, media holding copmany, a cable operator, an old owner of AOL.
Raised $18.75M, Series A. Why?
Raised $20M, through Series B, Why?

Data Management Platform (DMP)

  • Not a pure-play business.
    • A division, not a business.
    • An interface, not a division.
  • Everyone wants to own one.
  • Should DMP’s also be in the media buying business?
  • What are DMP’s doing to stay relevant for a world without cookies?
  • Do DMP’s plan to build or buy device graph features / functions?
  • For platforms that process & model a lot of 1st, 2nd & 3rd party data, how will they be affected by the pending GDPR?
Talking Points
  • Adobe bought Tube Mogul, a video DSP, for $540M (based on information &amp belief).
  • Oracle bought Moat, a verification feature, for $800M
  • Oracle bought Crosswise, a cross-device database, for <unstated/>
  • Salesforce bought Krux, a DMP, FOR $700M

Lotame remains independent, for now

ID Consortium’s & Cross-Device Players

Probabilistic “won’t work”
<quote>The GDPR may make it very difficult for a number of probabilistic methods to be applied to digital ID management.</quote>
Walled Garden
They … <quote>are using their own proprietary cross-screen deterministic token / people based ID that in many cases only works within their O&O environments.</quote>
Universal ID
Is desired. <quote>CMO’s & agencies in the future will not be requesting a cleaner supply chain, but a universal ID (or ID clearing house) that will enable them to manage reach, frequency & attribution across all of the partners they buy from.</quote>
The DigiTrust
<quote>This technology solution creates an anonymous user token, which is propagated by and between its members in lieu of billions of proprietary pixels and trackers on Web pages.</quote>
Claim: “Many” leading AdTech companies are already working with the DigiTrust team. [Which?]
AppNexus ID Consortium
  • Scheme: people-based ID.
  • Launch: 2017-05
  • Trade Name: TBD
    • Index Exchange
    • LiveRamp
    • OpenX
    • Live Intent
    • Rocket Fuel
  • Adbrain
  • Screen6
  • Drawbridge



  • Blockchain is slow, too slow, way too slow
    Blockchain can handle 10 tps.
  • Does not work in OpenRGB
    • New York City
  • Some Q&A; In AdExchanger
    tl;dr → interview of Dr Boris WHO?, IPONWEB; self-styled “the smartest man in AdTech and he concurs”

Artificial Intelligence

  • Is bullshit.
  • c.f.(names dropped)
    • Deepmind
    • Boston Dynamics


  • DOOH
  • Audio
  • Programmatic TV
  • Over The Top (OTT)
  • MarTech != AdTech

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The Marketer’s Guide To Blockchain | AdExchanger

The Marketer’s Guide To Blockchain; ; In AdExchanger; 2017-07-06.


  • IBM
  • Comcast
  • MadHive
  • Rebel AI


AdLedger Consortium

  • IBM,, anchor
  • Integral Ad Science, trading
  • MadHive, a boutique
  • TEGNA, subsidiary of Premion, a DSP for OTT

Scope: unclear


  • Comcast
  • Altice USA
  • Cox
  • NBCUniversal
  • Disney

Scope: data share contracts, record transactions in blockchain.
Story: <quote>
a vetted, trusted media buyer could execute a campaign against segments provided by members of the Comcast consortium</quote>

Scope: sells guarantee contracts as futures; not live inventory.

  • TV ad buying
  • multiple stakeholders
  • multi-party contracts
Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
“in an exploratory phase”, attributed to Allana Gompert.


All future tense. Very aspirational. Many qualifiers.

Qualifiers: Still forming, working group, will dictate policy, will dictate API specifications.
Qualifiers: Not until 2018 [e-o-2018] is “2019,” think: ~600 days
Qualifiers: is developing, proofs of concept, beta partners.


  • <quote>securely share their assets without exporting or handing them over to another stakeholder </quote>
  • <quote>And media owners can strike a blow against unauthorized sellers and domain spoofers. </quote>
  • <quote>[remove out unwanted supply chain intermediaries </quote>


  • Use [unique] blockchain keys instead of gimmicky [URL] names
  • Use blockchain <snip/> to log transactions, recording the use of “data”consumer dossiers.


  • <paraphrase>[As] Comcast and Cox, [I have] different inventory rates for specific content or audiences, or [as a] buyer [I] wants to blacklist certain supply sources, <snip> each company’s smart contract and dictates how others on the blockchain can access its data. <paraphrase>
  • <paraphrase>[As an] advertiser [I] could lock up inventory over the long term and publishers could score bigger upfront deals or offer different types of discounts. And in this instance, blockchain would serve as the ledger recording all of these transactions – and their value. </paraphrase>


  • Slow
  • Does. Not. Scale.
  • Ill-posed
    • The media business wants transparency.
    • The media business requires opacity.
  • AppNexus
  • DoubleClick Ad Exchange


  • Ken Brook, CEO, MetaX, a boutique
  • Peter Guglielmino, CTO, IBM’s Media & Entertainment Group.
  • Alanna Gombert, general manager of the IAB Tech Lab.
  • Adam Helfgott, founder, MadHive, a boutique
  • Will Luttrell, Curren-C, a boutique; co-founder, ex-former CTO, Integral Ad Science
  • Manny Puentes, CEO, Rebel AI, a boutique
  • Lou Severine, CEO, NYIAX CEO


  • government-backed legal tender
  • secured bank vaults,
  • bitcoin
  • blockchain ledger
  • guarantee security
  • full transparency
  • smart contracts


In Ad Exchanger


AdLedger Consortium, in data trading around OTT
Rebel AI
Something about “hoping to develop”, something about brand safety & ad fraud
On-(block-)chain and off-chain solutions. adChain, a protocol on Ethereum. with Direct Marketing Association Data & Marketing Association (DMA)
“like legacy data players” Acxiom and Experian; Blockchain Insights Platform; not before 2019.
Is NASDAQ’s proprietary blockchain; a futures recordation scheme, against The Upfronts. Among ex-AOL VP-levels, Bill Wise, founder and CEO, Mediaocean, is a board member
Bluemix, a services suite, cloud-blockchain frontrunner. Something about having deep pockets, being able to incur long periods of R&D costs, hoping to recoup on IBM services in other domains, e.g. healthcare and finance.
A boutique.

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