Wall Street Firms to Move Trillions to Blockchains in 2018 | IEEE Spectrum

Wall Street Firms to Move Trillions to Blockchains in 2018; Amy Nordrum; In IEEE Spectrum; 2017-09-29.
Teaser: The finance industry is eagerly adopting the blockchain, a technology that early fans hoped would obliterate the finance industry

tl;dr → Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) will trial something with a blockchain in the title.



The Old Money Managers


The New Money Managers



  • Consensus 2017, the booster conference
  • Hype Cycle, Gartner Group.
    The metaphor of the Trough of Disillusionment of underdamped an control system, comprehending the social process of the diffusion of innovation.


The Boosterists

The Products


  • The canon is recited
  • Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC)
  • permissioned blockchain
  • Hyperledger
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Axoni
  • Axcore
  • Consensus, a conference
  • Bloomberg
  • Thompson Reuters
  • Chain
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Goldman Sachs
  • DApps
  • Go, a programming language
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Ethereum
  • public chain
  • Citibank
  • Proof of Concept (PoC)
    Proof of Work (PoW)
    Proof of Stake (PoS)
  • Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
  • World Economic Forum, (WEF)
  • Guernsey
  • Unigestion
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Northern Trust
  • R3
  • Corda


“Satoshi Nakamoto,” The Prophet.
An archetype figure: a Santa Claus or Moses or even a Jesus-type figure. “He” came, gave us a gift (and behold! it was perfect in every way!); upon the Redemption, he was Assumed and thus disappeared. No one is sure who “he” was or if “he” really existed. Whether “he” existed at all is not important to those of The Faith. “He” has no childhood friends or contemporaries who knew “him.” All we have are “his” writings, enshrined in the Wayback Machine and conspiracy theory discussion forums. Maybe “he” really was from The Future; maybe “he” really was sent by our descendants to prevent a Greater Evil, as was foretold in multi-part Hollywood hit movie, The Terminator. Maybe The Blockchain is itself “The Skynet” as was prophesied. No one knows. But, HURRY, INVEST NOW!


For color, background & verisimilitude…



In IEEE Spectrum

Previously filled.

The K-Hole Brand Anxiety Matrix

Report #3

The K-Hole Brand Anxiety Matrix



  • 2013-01


  • 49 pages (43 of content).



  • Statements
    • Consumer experiences have always made people anxious.
    • Activity tracking devices tell us what we’re “actually” doing.
    • The data they provide exists to make us less nervous <snip/>.
    • The job of the advanced consumer is managing anxiety, period.
  • Terms
    • Performance anxiety
    • Frictionless ease
    • Consumer response to information.
    • Being calculated

The Parable

  • 2012
  • Storm A (Hurricane Sandy)
  • Storm B (that noreaster afterwards)
  • Facts, Factoids, Rumors
    • Goldman Sachs
    • CNN
    • Twitter
  • Storms cause anxiety, and buying.

The Device


  • X => Chaos contra Order
  • Y => Legible contra Illegible


  • Legible Order
  • Legible Chaos
  • Illegible Order
  • Illegible Chaos


These are fairly abstract, but there’s more than a Dungeons & Dragons Alignment System conceptuality in here.  You have to work it.

Legible Order

  • a control variable
  • a standard, with reason
  • unnoticeable
  • comfort
  • ability discriminate & manage known threats
    while maintaining distance
  • depressive realism
  • it is unexciting
    the unknown can be exciting but dangerous
  • Not a path to self-discovery
  • Surveillance
  • Ubiquity
  • Absence does not amount to nonparticipation



  • Supermodel wearing clothes

Legible Chaos

  • Reflexive & uncertain.
  • Everything may turn out well.


  • We have tools to make sense
  • We have each other.
  • <quote>We might be totally fucked, but at least it’ll be interesting.</quote>


“persistently random brands”(?)

  • Costco, big box retail.
  • Zara, a fashion shop, Spain


  • Your (sic) gynecologist
  • Jerry Seinfeld
  • Louis CK
  • <quote>Anyone who believes that crazy shit happens all the time, but at the end of the day we can at least talk about it.</quote>

The use of the word shit, rather than to indicate fæces, here is used in lieu of the more pedestrian noun event

Illegible Order

  • Hard to maintain credibility
  • Latent discipline (of brands) implies anxiety management capablity
  • Some logic prevails in the universe
  • Best verison of normal.
  • Completely unhackable
  • A master plan exists, the details are “currently offline.”
  • Breaks down into dreary legibility


  • sexy and auratic => fashion
  • enticingly naive => tech IPO



  • Parents <quote>Like parents, whether these secrets attract or repel you depends on how well they keep their acts together. Illegible Order is in constant danger of letting its simplistic veneer break down into dreary legibility, or becoming undisciplined and revealing that its master plan was just wishful thinking all along.</quote>
  • George W. Bush, as emperor (see picture)

Illegible Chaos

  • Incomprehensible
  • A search for patterns in aggressively uncomplicated situations.
  • A pointless search for hidden complexities
  • False patterns mapped to chaos
  • Positive feedback loop.
  • <quote>The content retrofits itself into a pre-existing structure without conforming to its logic.</quote>


  • Blue Man Group
  • Lindsay Lohan (LiLo)
  • The Hangover


  • Staring at a compost heap

Intermission & Interlude

Image: Zara
Noted: feed the models

Image: Girls Generation, from: the report, page 28; not clear how they are relevant to the Illegible Order concept.

Case Studies

The exercise is to taxonomize these into the four quadrants.  Compare & contrast.  Show your work.

Isabel Marant

  • Internal wedge sneakers
  • Isabel Marant
    • a fashion shop
    • commenced operations 1994


  • You can’t buy Isabel Marant on the Internet.
  • All brands are luxury brands
  • Concepts
    • Working class
    • Leisure class
  • Nearby


  • Cryptic & vague story
    • Company Q tracks everything except purchases
    • Company R tracks purchase histories
      Company R cross-references to Company Q profiles.
  • Something about “The anti-Yelp”
  • The reference is unclear
    • globster versus glogster versus …
    • Maybe a hypothetical scenario (Companies Q, R)


  • <quote>New friends, lovers, and one-night stands are connected based on who’s using the same contact solution. In short, Company R takes the social out of social media. Every purchase leads to a new person.</quote>


  • Glogster and Glogster.EDU

    • Boston, MA
    • Prague, CR
  • <quote>A globster, or blob, is an unidentified organic mass that washes up on the shoreline of an ocean or other body of water. The term was coined by Ivan T. Sanderson in 1962[1] to describe the Tasmanian carcass of 1960, which was said to have “no visible eyes, no defined head, and no apparent bone structure”. A globster is distinguished from a normal beached carcass by being hard to identify, at least by initial untrained observers, and by creating controversy as to its identity.</quote> ref

Teen Spirit


  • Spritz perfume
  • Smells like Raspberry

Something about concepts from

  • Hermès’ Garden on the Nile (Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Hermès)
  • participation, from a place of resistance
  • New Yorkers wear black to be less noticeable
  • Go rogue in the aisles of Whole Foods
  • Botox (arm-)pits.



  • <quote><quote?Unlike condoms, NuvaRings, or careful timing, the IUD-hardware-system can actually improve your sex life because there’s less to do. You don’t feel like you’re sacrificing control; it’s about streamlining. You make one decision and stick with it.</quote>
  • <quote>The IUD doesn’t affect our bodies the same way because it’s more like an accessory – a protective amulet or charm. It’s not magic (despite the fact that nobody totally understands how it works); it’s just metal.</quote>
  • <quote>You’ll have your Barbour jacket and your IUD longer than you’ll have your next laptop. What other purchases of this scale, commitment, and longevity are made by young women who aren’t trying to get pregnant?</quote>

OK, point taken.

Kristin Stewart & Robert Pattinson

Image: Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson sitting in a field, Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2, from the report, page 44; apropos love made manfiest by deliberate action, supported by the device technology at hand.



  • Four sensors
    1. Radioactivity
    2. EMF
    3. Humidity
    4. Nitrates
  • Modem-based wireline coupling into the audio jack.
  • Packaging:
    • Synthetic ivory (a plastic)
    • Uncoated Brazilian Sapele
  • Culture
    • iOS (only)


  • <quote>It’s not augmented reality, it’s reality.</quote>
  • <quote>Most of the time, when specialists describe these forces, it’s a binary conversation: either you’re safe or you’re fucked.</quote>
  • <quote>“Everything I’m wearing is exactly what I want to be wearing.” Lapka differentiates the everyday, turning anxiety into opportunity. It’s what fashion, in the best case scenario, can do: make you more capable of addressing the world.</quote>

The use of the word fuck is a nice touch, shows authenticity & cred; probably not a great characterization for the science project term paper tho.