• Based on Google’s ChromeOS
  • Reconfigured for the server
  • Built with/on/around Docker of dotCloud
  • Was Core Boot


  • Alex Polvi
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman, Linux Foundation
    • advisor
  • Michael Marineau, Google
  • Brandon Philips
  • Lew Moorman
    • funding
    • Rackspace president and board member


  • Somehow CoreOS “is optimized for” Docker (or something like that)


  • Cade Metz; Linux Hackers Rebuild Internet From Silicon Valley Garage; In Wired; 2013-08-21.

    • analogic syllogism of “the garage”
      • Hewlett-Packard was developed in a garage
      • Hewlett-Packard became great
      • CoreOS is developed in a Palo Alto garage.
    • Adam Jacob
      • quoted for color
      • co-founder, OpsCode, products: Chef, Puppet
  • Cade Metz; The Chef, the Puppet, and the Sexy IT Admin; In Wired; 2011-10-26.

    • See DevOps
    • CoreOS is somehow suited to a DevOps world vision; CoreOS uses Docker; of which Chef & Puppet are exemplars, or something like that.
  • Cade Metz; Chromebook: ‘Father of Google Apps’ Raises Second Child; In Wired; 2011-10-07.

    • Throat clearing with a story: John Wilkes leaves HP, joines Google; Google is Very Big.
    • Google
      • Borg
      • Omega
        • John Wilkes; Omega; At Google Faculty Summit, on YouTube; 2011-07-21; 30:36
      • Charles Reiss
        • Intern of John Wilkes
        • Quoted for color & veracity
    • Mesos
      • now at Apache
      • History
        • origin at University of California, Berkeley (UCB), Computer Science Department
          • Ben Hindman, founder, Twitter, ex UCB.
          • Andy Konwinski
          • Matei Zaharia
        • developed further at Twitter
          • John Sirois
          • Travis Crawford
          • Bill Farner
      • Reference Customers
        • AirBNB
        • Conviva
    • (Oracle) Sun Grid Engine