Partnership on AI

Partnership on AI
Uses Responsive Web Design (RWD) so it only “works” on a handset form factor is “mobile first” [scrape-scroll down, which is non-obvious in the officework environment]

Statement of Purpose

<quote>Established to study and formulate best practices on AI technologies, to advance the public’s understanding of AI, and to serve as an open platform for discussion and engagement about AI and its influences on people and society.</quote>


Tier 1
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • DeepMind, of Google
  • Google, of Alphabet (GOOG)
  • Facebook
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
Tier 2
Generalizing, they comprise NGOs, Centers, Centres and industry booster clubs.


As, tenets, creed, doctrine, belief, theses; enumerated as eight fourteen (Item Six has seven sub-parts)…

  • Goals to be attained. the <bizpeak>BHAG</bizspeak>.
    as indicated by a directional sense. of the effort-to-be-expended. (EtbE).
  • Values to be held, preferring privileging one value over another.
    as measured in effort-to-be-expended (EtbE).
  • Belief to be held.
  1. [Goal] The greatest good for the greatest number.
    [EtbE] ensure an outcome, like a guarantee.
  2. [Goal] Educate the seekers of the knowledge..
    [EtbE] a state of being; being bound over to, tasked unto, being committed to.
  3. [Goal] Outreach as dialog and participation.
    [EtbE] a state of being; being bound over to, tasked unto, being committed to.
  4. [Belief] Something about a broad range of stakeholders.
    [EtbE] a state of being, that such belief is so held.
  5. [Goal] Something about representation in the business community.
    [EtbE] something about “engage with” and a participation metric.
  6. [Concern] Privacy of individuals
    [EtbE] work towards.
  7. [Concern] Security of individuals
    [EtbE] work towards.
  8. [Concern] understanding and respect; a.k.a. “to serve and protect”
    [EtbE] strive.
  9. [Goal] Responsibility to [the data controllers].
    [EtbE] work towards.
  10. [Goal] Control these dangerous and powerful [and important and really really cool] technologies.
    [EtbE]: ensure an outcome, similar to a guarantee.
  11. [Goal] Violate no international laws (“conventions”); violate no human rights.
    [EtbE] oppose, wherein such an opinion is so held.
  12. [Goal[ Do no harm.
    [EtbE] promote, wherein such an opinion is so held.
  13. [Goal] Provenance tracing for system supervision.
    [EtbE] a state of being, that the belief is so held.
    <ahem>This is a system architecture requirement; it does not require a belief system or an attestation to any specific belief.</ahem>
  14. [Goal] Cooperation within the Professions so enumerated as: Scientist, Engineer.
    [EtbE]: Strive.


Dimensions of concern are metaphorically themed as pillars, evoking an image of a Greek temple, whence knowledge came

  1. Safety
  2. Supervision
    enumerated as Fairness, Transparency, Accountability
  3. HCI (Human-Computer Interface))
  4. Labor (the anti-Luddism)
  5. Society (LE, Policy, Regulation, etc.)
  6. Charity
  7. Other


  • Blog cadence as press releases is “about every four months.”
  • They don’t seem to have a position paper [yet].

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As IBM Ramps Up Its AI-Powered Advertising, Can Watson Crack the Code of Digital Marketing? | Ad Week

As IBM Ramps Up Its AI-Powered Advertising, Can Watson Crack the Code of Digital Marketing?; ; In Ad Week (Advertising Week); 2017-09-24.
Teaser: Acquisition of The Weather Company fuels a new division

tl;dr → Watson (a service bureau, AI-as-a-Service) is open for business.


The Weather Company

  • lines of business
    • location-based targeted audiences, delivered to the trade.
    • weather indica, delivered to consumers.
  • 2.2 billion locations/15 minutes
  • Dates
    • WHEN?, Acquisition by IBM
    • 2016-01, new business strategy,
      “AI” as a service (AIaaS)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Products
    • WeatherFx
    • JourneyFx
  • The Weather Company is a <quote>legacy business<quote> (deprecated).
  • AIaaS is a <quote>cutting-edge advertising powerhouse</quote> (house of power).

Watson Advertising

  • Cognitive Advertising
    • contra Computational Advertising, circa the ‘oughties (2005)
    • something about
      • <buzzzz>transform every aspect of marketing from </buzzz>
      • something about image and voice recognition to big data analysis and custom content.
  • What is it? (What is Watson-as-a-Service?)
    • Count: <quote>dozens</quote>
    • Interfaces
      • API
      • Projects <quote>studio-like</quote>
    • Pricing: <quote>millions of dollars</quote>
    • Structure: four (4) sub-units
  • “<snip/>It’s not been designed to target consumers the same way that Alexa or Siri have been,” attributed to Cameron Clayton.


The 4 pillars of Watson Advertising.
  1. Targeting, Audience construction & activation
  2. Optimization, Bidding & buying
  3. Advertising, Synthesis of copy and creative
  4. Planning, media planning, the buy plan, the execution plan

Audience Targeting

  • the flagship service
  • neural networks
  • scoring users, propensity scoring <quote>based on how likely they are to take an action</quote>
  • towards CPA or CCPV or CPVisit or <more!>
  • Performable on the Weather Company O&O
    • <quote>but on TV, print, radio and other platforms. <quote>
    • Partnerships
      • Cognitiv
      • Equals 3


Bidding Optimization
  • Is too boring for details early in the article.
  • Optimize against brand-specific KPIs.
  • Uses <buzzz>deep learning and neural networks</buzzz>
  • Optimize Cost Per Action (CPA).


  • Badged as Watson Ads and Watson Advertising
  • Services
    • content creation
    • content copywriting
  • Launched: 2016-06.
  • Is merely: nterest-Based Advertising (IBA)
    which in turn is a but regulatory term of art, that covers a wide range of in-trade practices.
  • Sectors, aspirational
    • <fancy>aviation</fancy> (airline ticket booking?)
    • insurance
    • energy
    • finance
  • Cognitive Media Council,
    • a focus group.
    • a user group, “friends & family” of the business.
    • a group of important customers representatives
      <quote>senior-level executives from agencies and brands</quote>
Reference Customers
  • Mirai
  • Prius Prime
  • Benefits
    Attributed to Eunice Kim, Toyota (TMNA), something about…

    • <buzzz>create a one-to-one conversational engagement</buzzz>
    • <buzzz>garner insights about the consumer thought process that could potentially inform our communication strategies elsewhere”</buzzz>
  • the Soup people
  • Something about creative synthesis
    themed as: recipe generation with flu symptoms with location
H&R Block
  • Something about creative synthesis
    themed as: automated robot tax expert, suggest tax deductions.
UM [You and Em]
  • An agency. Off shore? They have a “U.S. CEO” Maybe one of those English Invasion thingies.
  • Refused to name their client.
  • Something about auto dealerships.
  • <quote>meshing Watson data with client stats to analyze metrics across a large number of car dealerships in a way that optimizes ad spend while also checking local inventory to see whether or not it should personalize an ad to someone in that market.<quote>
  • <quote>combination of weather data, Google searches and pollen counts to trigger when media should be bought in various markets.</quote>


  • <quote>AI-powered planning</quote>


Something about a partnership for understanding marketing texts.
Jeremy Fain, CEO and co-founder
Equals 3
Lucy, a product-service-platform.
Something about <quote>to uncover extra insights and research.<quote>

Fairness & Balance


Ogilvy & Mather
  • Honorific <quote>longtime agency<quote> [fof record for IBM].
[Television] campaign, with Bob Dylan.
Synthesis of the trailier for Morgan (a move; genre: science fiction)
Performance, an “analysis” of the stylings of Antoni Gaudi, <quote>inspire an art installation </quote> (what does that mean?)
The “art installation” was exhibited at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

…is quoted
the future is boosted.

  • “AI services”
  • “Big Data services”


  • The people are “afraid” of AI.
  • The people need to be groomed to accept AI.

Ensmoothen & enpitchen the Artificial Intelligence (AI) as…

  • humble
  • friendly
  • ”I’m here to help’ type personality”

Attributed to Lou Aversano, Ogilvy.


James Kisner, Jeffries

Via: James Kisner, A Report, Jeffries, 2017-07.
Jeffries is an opinion vendor in support of an M&A banking operation.
tl;dr → Watson is a failing product-service. <quote>IBM is being “outgunned” in the race…</quote> (yup, he mixed the metaphor).

  • as evidenced in measured job listings at
    Apple had more listings booked thereon than IBM.
  • Customers were interviewed.
    Watson’s performance/price ratio was low (the rate card is very high).
    2016-10, IBM reduced the rate card for API access <quote>by 70 percent</quote>
  • Lots of press
  • Not a lot of monetary results, as evidenced in the quarterly & annual reports.
Joe Stanhope, Gartner

Via: an interview, perhaps;
Gartner Group is an opinion vendor.

  • Too much hype, can be forgiven
  • Gartner runs the Hype Cycle brand
  • Claims: <quote>IBM does seem to be all-in with Watson.<quote> (be nice to hear that from IBM, not as a “hot-take” from a newshour pundit
DemandBase, Wakefield Research

A Report; attributed to “staff”; DemandBase and Wakefield Research

  • A survey,
    • “how do you feel?”
    • Do you “have plans-to …” in the next N months.
  • There are a lot of uncertainties


Training Data
  • Just isn’t there.
  • And … computers can only give answers, it can’t give [pose] questions.
Does it [even] Work?
  • No one knows.
  • Many are nervous.
  • No one wants to be first to fail
    (& be fired for outsourcing their job function to The AI).


  • Einstein, of Salesforce(.com)
  • Sensei, of Adobe
  • Buying operations, Xaxis of WPP
    the “AI” is a “co-pilot” to the trading desk operator; optimization recommendations towards CPM and viewability; North American operations only.
  • others?
    Surely everyone nowadays has some initiative that does “co-pilot”-level decision support to adops.
Research Efforts
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Google
Venture Capital
  • Albert
  • Amenity Analytics
  • LiftIgniter
  • Persado
Amenity Analytics

An exemplar of the smaller-nimbler-smarter clones of the Watson genre.

  • A Watson-type experience, but cheaper
  • Does text mining of press releases
  • Reference customers:
  • A spin-out from some hedge fund, <quote>origins in the hedge fund world</quote>
  • Nathaniel Storch, CEO, Amenity Analytics.
  • <zing!>“Think of it as ‘moneyball’ for media companies,”<zing!>, attributed to Nathaniel Storch.


  • Siri, of Apple
  • Cortana, of Microsoft
  • Now, of Google


  • Lou Aversano, U.S. CEO, Ogilvy & Mather (Ogilvy, O&M).
  • Jordan Bitterman, CMO, Watson (Business Unit), IBM.
    attributed in quoted material aso “earlier this year” (2017?); c.f. Michael Mendenhall
  • Kasha Cacy, U.S. CEO, UM
    UM is an agency.
  • Cameron Clayton,
    • General Manager, Content and IoT Platform, Watson (Business Unit), IBM..
    • ex-CEO, The Weather Company
  • Jacob Colker, “entrepreneur in residence,” The Allen Institute
    …quoted for color, background & verisimilitude.The Allen Institute is a tank for thinkers.
  • Jeremy Fain, CEO and co-founder, Cognitiv.
  • Chris Jacob, director of product marketing, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce(.com).
  • Eunice Kim, media planner, Toyota Motor North America (TMNA).
    …quoted for color, background & verisimilitude.
  • James Kisner, staff, Jeffries.
    …quoted for color, background & verisimilitude.
    Jeffries is an advice shop, like Gartner, but different.
  • Francesco Marconi,
    …quoted for color, background & verisimilitude.

    • strategy manager and AI co-lead, Associated Press
    • visitor, MIT Media Lab
  • Michael Mendenhall, CMO, Watson (BU), IBM.
    announced as CMO in prior press [Ad Week, Marty Swant, 2017-07-07].
  • Sara Robertson, VP of Product Engineering, Xaxis of WPP.
  • Joe Stanhope, staff, Forrester
    …quoted for color, background & verisimilitude.
  • Nathaniel Storch, CEO, Amenity Analytics.
  • Marty Wetherall, director of innovation, FallonFallon is the agency that certain campaign booked on Watson for H&R Block


  • Antoni Gaudi, architect (per civil engineering), citizen of Spain.


In archaeological order, within Advertising Week

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Tech is Public Enemy #1. So Now What? | John Battelle

John Battelle; Tech Is Public Enemy #1. So Now What?; In His Blog, white-labeled as NewCo, centrally-hosted on Medium; 2017-09-10.
Teaser: If tech wants to reverse the crushing tide of negative public opinion, it must start creating public good commensurate with its extraction of private profit.

tl;dr → Agree, perhaps. But it’s not clear to what one is agreeing at all. Whereas the lede is buried; that being the promotion of Richard Florida’s book The New Urban Crisis.
and → Unto the hook of the title: For the sin, The Nostrum. To wit:

  • Enumerate.
  • Confess,
  • Repent,
  • Restitute, reparate.
  • Return.


John Battelle interviewed Richard Florida towards a book promotion.


Richard Florida The New Urban Crisis: How Our Cities Are Increasing Inequality, Deepening Segregation, and Failing the Middle Class—and What We Can Do About It 1st Edition ; Basic Books; 2017-04-11; 336 pages; ASIN:0465079741: Kindle: $18, paper: $12+SHT.


  • Where “tech” is Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and maybe Netflix (rly?).
  • And JB foresaw it in a vision of 2017-01; fair. he also “saw” it in 2011-12, had Microsoft in the cohort, and pitched “The Internet Big Five” as a gushing chronicle-of-the-times, only-time-will-tell honorific of boosterist veneration. indeed though, it’s okay to change one’s mind upon further reflection.
  • Richard Florida is granted 191 words at the end to speak as a threat.
    Whereas Richard Florida has a direct line to Congress.
    Unless his demands are met … something will happen
  • Google Apple Facebook Amazon (GAFA),
    Google Amazon Facebook Apple (GAFA)
  • Facebook Amazon Netflix Google (FANG),
    Facebook Apple Netflix Google (FANG)
  • No Wintel.  The PC Revolution is over O.V.E.R.
    • No Microsoft?
    • No Intel?
Definition: the “tech” is an enumeration
  • Apple → fabless. Purveyors of phones & some laptops.
  • Amazon → Retail reseller. Cloud (billed as a service).
  • Facebook → Entertainment. laid against advertising.
  • Google → Fabless, phone designs. Cloud (billed as a service), Advertising marketplaces.  And 25 other hobbies as “Alphabet.”
  • Netflix → Licensed video entertainment. An Amazon cloud customer.
    …can’t really seriously belong in the class of the first four can it?


  • Uber — a company that proved a perfect exemplar of tech’s most sociopathic characteristics*.
  • <quote>The bro culture long parodied in popular culture proved to be virulently on display at the world’s most valuable startup — misogyny, tone deaf management, winning at all costs, ignorance of social and political consequence.</quote>
  • Everything Store
  • <quote>rapacious and robotic approach to platform capitalism</quote>
  • Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods
  • Big Tech
  • fake news
  • Russian information ops
  • <quote>They’re extracting — but giving nothing back.</quote>


New bogies for new panics, not the old bogies from old panics…


Anyone that actually makes things out of actual atoms. No one is afraid of companies that fabricate things out of atoms.

  • Industry (even so called “light industry”)
  • Big Defense (denizens of ‘I’ in Military-Industrial Complex)
  • Big Oil
  • Big Food
  • Big Finance, a.k.a. “Wall Street”
  • Big Auto
  • Big Semiconductor
  • Big Telecom
  • Big Blue, a.k.a. IBM
  • Big Mining
  • Big Ads, a.k.a. “Madison Avenue”
  • Big Media, a.k.a. major market television
  • Big Music, a.k.a. “the Record Labels”
  • Big Hollywood, a.k.a. “The Movie Studios”
  • Big Newspaper
  • Big Cable
  • The Diamond Cartel, e.g. de Beers
  • Railroad Trusts
  • Anyone on the Conference Board.
    Remember the “interlocking directorate” research of ‘ago?
  • The QSR, as a self-conscious class.
  • Disney
  • Microsoft
  • Walmart
  • McDonald’s


  • No Japanese conglomerates. Remember MITI-managed organized markets?
  • No European national champions. Remember the ’90s?


In archaeological order, newer outbursts on top, older opinements below…


In His Blog


The publishing pile-on exponentially increasing across 2015, 2016, 2017. There are many more than are presented here. Everyone is sayin’ it, doin’ it; walkin’ the walk, talkin’ the talk. Yet presented here in archaeological order, newer outbursts on top, older opinements below…

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WebRTC and STUN for intra-LAN exploration & end-user tracking


  • WebRTC, promotional site
  • Availabilities
    all the browsers that matter

    • Android
    • Chrome (Linux, Android, Windows)
    • Firefox
    • Opera
    • Safari (iOS)




  • RFC 7350Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) as Transport for Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN); Petit-Huguenin, Salgueiro; IETF; 2014-08.
  • RFC 7064URI Scheme for the Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN) Protocol; Nandakumar, Salgueiro, Jones, Petit-Huguenin; IETF; 2013-11.
  • RFC 5928Traversal Using Relays around NAT (TURN) Resolution Mechanism; Petit-Huguenin; IETF; 2010-08.
  • RFC 5389Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN); Rosenberg, Mahy, Matthews, Wing; IETF; 2008-10.

    • RFC 3489STUN – Simple Traversal of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Through Network Address Translators (NATs); Rosenberg, Weinberger, Huitema, Mahy; 2003-03.

In Jimi Wales’ Wiki.



In archaeological order


665909webrtc WebRCT Tracking; In Bugzilla of Mozilla; 2011-06-21 →2016-01-11; Closed as INVALID

Some droid using the self-asserted identity token cchen; How to Stop WebRTC Local IP Address Leaks on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox While Using Private IPs; In Privacy Online Forums; 2015-01→2015-03.


  • Availability
    of the problem (not of WebRTC in general)

    • Chrome of Google
      • Windows
    • Firefox of Mozilla
      • Unclear, perhaps Windows only
    • Internet Explorer of Microsoft
      WebRTC is not available at all.
    • Opera of Mozilla
      • Unclear
    • Safari of Apple
      WebRTC is not available except through a plugin
    • Unavailable
      • Chrome of Google
        • OS/X
        • Android
      • Linux at all
        not clear; not mentioned at all.
  • Blocking
    • Chrome of Google
    • Firefox of Mozilla
      • Production
        • about:config
        • media.peerconnection.enabled set to true (default true)
      • Development

        • Canary
        • Nightly
        • Bowser
    • Opera of Opera
  • API Directory
    • voice calls
    • video chats
    • p2p file sharing


  • Chrome
    default is available and active
  • Firefox
    • about:config
    • media.peerconnection.enabled set to true (default true)
  • Opera
    only when configured, with a plugin, to run Google Chrome extensions


webrtc-ips, a STUN & WebRTC test rig

  • diafygi/webrtc-ips
  • via on-page JavaScript, makes latent requests to certain STUN servers.
  • Firefox 34 → Does. Not. Work.
  • Fails with
    Error: RTCPeerConnection constructor passed invalid RTCConfiguration - missing url webrtc-ips:58


  • Private Internet Access (PIA)
  • Real-Time-Communication (RTC)
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • WebRTC


In Privacy Online Forums:


  • 2013
  •  Since WebRTC uses javascript requests to get your IP address, users of NoScript or similar services will not leak their IP addresses.

Via: backfill.


  • about:config
  • media.peerconnection.enabled set to true (default true)

The App-ocalypse: Can Web standards make mobile apps obsolete? | Ars Technica

The App-ocalypse: Can Web standards make mobile apps obsolete?; Larry Seltzer; In Ars Technica; 2015-12-28.
Teaser: Many big tech companies—absent Apple—are throwing weight behind a browser-based world.

tl;dr → Betteridge’s Law; i.e. No.

  • WebApps are a Google-culture thing.
  • And good luck with Apple; they are intransigent in their non-interest.


In (the arbitrary) order of appearance in the piece:



Via: backfill.

Notes from the Platform’s Edge | The Awl

Notes from the Platform’s Edge; ; Series the content wars, in The Awl; 2015-10-13.
Teaser: Platforms for everyone, publications for no one

tl;dr → discursive, statements, yet thirty questions embedded for ephasis on the contingency. Only time will tell. Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, et al.) are reducing sharing to linkbaitists; clickthroughs are shrinking.  The platforms aren’t sure how to behave, but they are the internet now, they are the gatekeeperss.


  1. Traffic is down, across the mid-tier linkbaitists.
  2. Quartcast chartism exhibits the decline in traffic on interweb.
  3. News Whip chartism exhibits the decline in sharing on Facebook.
  4. The (business) network effects and consumer product experience of Twitter Moments contra Shapchat Channel, Stories, & Discover are contrasted.
  5. Twitter Moments network effects and consumer product experience is questioned.
  6. The Facebook product mixture is introduced as editorial-amplified-by-algo.
  7. Facebook Notify is introduced, including screenshots & terminology: stations, substations
  8. The metaphor of notifications for a publication network business is unclear.
  9. Apple & Google are introduced as “rethinking;” something about Apple Watch and Siri
  10. Ads in notifications are posited as a business scheme.
  11. What will happen?  What is the sensibility of X for values of X ∈ These Proprietary Platforms.  Optimize for consumer time wastedengagement.
  12. The product of these platforms is consumer attention; attention is transferred from publications to platforms (ahem, to early-days TV-like Channels).
  13. Publishers have allowed platforms to take away their distribution & access to revenue.
  14. The substantive claims
    • Content is a distracting (i.e. content is not king, not here anyway)
      the publisher-contra-platform interaction is controlling.
    • Platforms & publishers are digesting each other
    • Axes
      • Audiences & Attention
      • Advertising (moving from publisher to platform)
    • Experimentation occurs at the border of each categorical
      • publication-like features on platforms
      • channel-like spaces



  • John Cook, Editor-in-Chief, Gawker Media
    a (leaked?) memo is quoted


  • Apple
    • News
    • Siri
    • Watch
  • Facebook
    • Instant Articles
    • Messenger
    • News Feed
    • Notify
    • Trending Topics
  • Google
    • Now
  • Snapchat
    • App (the chat app)
    • Snap Channel
    • Discover
    • Stories
  • Twitter
    • App (the stream)
    • Moments


  • BBC
  • BuzzFeed
  • Condé Nast
    • Pitchfork
  • Conservative Tribune
  • Daily Mail
    • Elite Media
  • Fox News
  • Gawker Media
  • The Guardian
  • Hearst
  • Huffington Post
  • Little Things
  • NBC
  • News Whip
  • The New York Times
  • PlayBuzz
  • Quantcast
  • Thought Catalog
  • Yahoo



Via: backfill

Continued Compendium on Ad Blocking in Advertising Age through 2015-09-15

Continued from the Compendium through 2015-12-xxx

In Advertising Age circa 2015-09-14


Compendium on Ad Blocking in Advertising Age through 2015-09-05


Why Ad-Blocking Is Good News for Almost Everyone; (Havas); 2015-09-15.
Teaser: Apple’s Move to Block Mobile Ads Will Force Advertisers to Rethink Mobile

Tom Goodwin,
senior VP-strategy and innovation, Havas Media, New York.
ex-founder, director, Tomorrow Group, London.


  • a contrarian view
  • Apple
  • iO 9
  • <quote>The surprisingly, rarely challenged, assumption in advertising has always been that there should be a relatively close correlation between time spent in a channel and the advertising spend within it. So as we spend more of our lives staring into our smartphones, the need for marketers to spend more money on mobile grows by the day.</quote>


as a listicle

  1. Premium mobile advertising
    e.g. Superbowl ads, Vogue (magazine) ads
  2. insidious advertising
    native ads, advertorials branded content
  3. Branded utility
    apps; e.g. Michelin guide

So Which Ad-Blocking Parasite Are You Going to Go After?; ; 2015-09-14.
Teaser: Convince Consumers or Sue the Ad-Blocking Companies; You Have to Do Something
Ken Wheaton, editor, Advertising Age

tl;dr → equates ad blocking with theft.


  • very shrill [very very shrill], very angry
  • <quote>But it’s a bad idea to believe that consumers care much about the plight of marketers or publishers.</quote>
  • <quote>The worst possible response, however, is paying an ad-blocking company or an anti-ad-blocking company money to get ads past filters and in front of the viewer. </quote>
  • <quote>I can’t quite believe I’m saying this, but how about suing the ad blockers out of existence?</quote>
  • <quote>But as WPP Digital President and Xaxis Chairman David Moore, who also serves as chairman of the board of directors for the IAB Tech Lab, points out, the ad blockers “are interfering with websites’ ability to display all the pixels that are part of that website; arguably there’s some sort of law that prohibits that.</quote>
  • <quote>But theft is still theft, even if it’s dressed up as some sort of digital Robin Hood act. You’re not just interfering with pixels, you’re interfering with business.</quote>

Memes, Argot

  • the consumer is in control
  • ad skipping
  • hyper-targeted, data-fueled ad environment
  • banner blindness
  • extortion

Yes, There Is a War on Advertising. Now What?; , ; 2015-09-14.
Teaser: Ads Are Being Cast as the Enemy as Consumers Find More and More Ways to Block Them


  • Apple
  • iOS 9
  • Numerics towards the prevalence of ad blocking are recited.
    • Brian Wieser, staff, Pivotal Research Group.
    • ComScore’s U.S. Mobile App Report.
    • eMarketer
  • AdBlock Mobile
  • Eyeo
  • Adblock Plus
  • Howard Stern
    promoted Ad ad blocking, as a concept, on his show.
  • Responses
    • Hulu → block consumers who block ads
    • Washington Post → some trials, push consumers to subscribe, to whitelist the site & its ads
  • Countermeasures
    • PageFair
    • Secret Media
    • Sourcepoint
    • Yavli
  • TrueX
    • Acquired by Fox Networks Group, 2014-12.
    • Joe Marchese, founder
  • Fox Networks Group
    • branded content
    • show: “MasterChef Junior”
      sponsored by: California Milk Advisory Board.


credulously, as authoritative



for color, background & verisimilitude

  • Dan Jaffe, lobbyist, Association of National Advertisers (ANA)
  • Scott Cunningham, senior VP, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB); general manager, Tech Lab, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).
  • David Moore, President, WPP Digital; Chairman, Xaxis; Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tech Lab, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).
  • Joe Marchese, president-advanced ad products, Fox Networks Group.
  • Brian Wieser, staff, Pivotal Research Group.

Confusion Reigns as Apple Puts the Spotlight on Mobile Ad Blocking; Maureen Morrison; In Ad Age; 2015-09-08.
Teaser: Mobile Ad Blocking Is Present and Effective Before Apple Updates a Thing

tl;dr → reprise, same material


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Is Silicon Valley in Another Bubble … and What Could Burst It? | Vanity Fair

Is Silicon Valley in Another Bubble … and What Could Burst It?; In Vanity Fair; 2015-09-01.
Teaser: With the tech industry awash in cash and 100 “unicorn” start-ups now valued at $1 billion or more, Silicon Valley can’t escape the question. Nick Bilton [opines]

tl;dr → yes, anything or nothing

  • yes it is a bubble
  • it could pop at any time
    • cessation of QE could pop it
    • or anything else at all
    • or it could deflate slowly

only time will tell.


  • Written for an east-coast audience.
  • Cares
    Silicon Valley vs Rest of Country

    • Silicon Valley
      • is it a bubble?
    • Elsewhere
      • Deflategate
      • Obamacare
  • Nick Bilton
    • New York Times
    • Moves to San Francisco (“the bay area”) in 2011


  • tweets
  • press releases
  • cocktail party conversations
  • hearsay
  • prudent judgement
  • books; e.g. Boombustology, 2011


  • Too much money
  • Federal Reserve
  • Quantitative Easing

For color, background & verisimilitude

  • Christopher Thornberg
    • Christopher Thornberg, Founding Partner of Beacon Economics, LLC, a research boutique.
    • claim: predicted 2007 (subprime mortgage) crash.
    • <quote>The whole world is awash with money</quote>
  • An unnamed CEO
    • vignette about deriving the $1B out of thin air (making it up).
    • <quote>One successful venture capitalist told me that he recently met with a unicorn that was seeking a new round of funding.</quote>, three levels of unsourced anonymity.
  • Instacart
    • vignette about restricting access to the prospectus & financials
    • unsourced.
  • Noah Smith
    • assistant professor, finance, Stony Brook University.
    • Noah Smith, Bloomberg
    • Noahpinion, a blog
    • <quote>the danger is not that we’re in a tech bubble but rather that we’re in an “everything bubble,” in which any one of these events could be the domino that makes it all fall down.</quote>, attributed from comments in 2015-07.


  • The Nouveau Riche 250 (TNR250)
    • Facebook IPO winners
  • Buildings
    • Apple headquarters, “The Spaceship”
    • Google campus, update
    • Salesforce tower, 415 Mission Street, San Francisco; 1,070 feet.
  • Vikram Mansharamani; Boombustology: Spotting Financial Bubbles Before They Burst; Wiley, 1st edition; 2011-03-08; 272 pages.; kindle: $16, paper: $20+SHT.
    Vikram Mansharamani, lecturer, Yale
  • Compensation
    • Stories of improbable pay packages are recited.
    • Quoted, for color, background & verisimilitude
      • Jana Rich, founder of Rich Talent Group.
  • Burning Man
    • Stories of improbable conspicuous luxury are recited
    • The Celebrity CEOs go to Burning Man
      • “Billionaires’ Row”
      • “Sherpas”
        • wait staff
        • <quote>waiting on tech elite at a three-to-one ratio.</quote>
    • Names dropped
      [employees from the companies now attend Burning Man]

      • Airbnb
      • Dropbox
      • Facebook
      • Google
      • Twitter
      • Uber
  • Celebrity Meet & Greet Events
    • recruiting invites for workers (“entrepreneurs”)
    • Exemplars
      • Richard Branson’s Necker Island
      • Four Seasons in Punta Mita, Mexico
      • a pub crawl through Dublin with Bono.


colorful & biting.

<quote>And then, toward the end of his reassuring soliloquy, the ANDREESSEN HOROWITZ sign fell from the wall and landed on the floor with an ominous thud. As the investors looked on, some partners in the Rosewood ballroom laughed awkwardly. Others did not seem so amused.</quote>, attributed to Nick Bilton, who represents that he experienced this.

<quote>“The biggest of all losers will be anyone who has borrowed money to invest in private companies, You were stupid. You blew it. You lost. That simple.”</quote>, attributed to Mark Cuban.

<quote>There’s also a precocious indicator some economists refer to as the Prostitute Bubble, where the filles de joie flock to increasingly frothy markets.</quote>, attributed to Nick Bilton [which economists?]

<quote>“You know there’s a bubble, when the pretty people show up.”</quote>, attributed to General Cultural Knowledge.

<quote> “SF tech culture is focused on solving one problem: What is my mother no longer doing for me?”</qoute>, attributed to a tweet.

Names Dropped

For color, background & verisimilitude

  • Sir Norman Foster, Apple campus
  • Bjarke Ingels & Thomas Heatherwick, Google campus
  • Bentley
  • Tesla
  • Caviar
  • DoorDash
  • Instacart
  • Luxe
  • Lyft
  • Munchery
  • Postmates
  • Shyp
  • Sidecar
  • Slack
  • SpoonRocket
  • Sprig
  • Square
  • TaskRabbit
  • Tinder
  • Uber
  • Washio
  • Amazon
    • Amazon Fresh
  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Google
    • Google Express
  • LinkedIn
Venture Capital
  • Andreessen Horowitz (A16z)
  • Draper Fisher Jurvetson
  • Greylock Partners
  • Sequoia Capital
  • Singapore Investment Corporation
  • Tiger Global Management, NY
[Industry] Market Research Boutiques
  • Bloomberg
  • Capital IQ
  • CB Insights
  • McKinsey & Co.
  • National Venture Capital Association.
  • Michael Arrington, <quote>once a nexus of power in Silicon Valley</quote>
  • Mark Cuban, internet personality, sold to Yahoo, $5.7 billion, 2001.
  • Bill Gurley, a partner, Benchmark Capital.
  • Aileen Lee, founder, Cowboy Ventures, coined “unicorn,” “unicorpse.”
  • Scott Kupor, managing partner, A16z
  • Roger McNamee, co-founder, Elevation Partners
  • Mitt Romney, ex-Governor, MA
  • Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park.
  • Rosewood Hotel, Menlo Park.

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Content Blocking Feature of Safari iOS9

Content Blocking Feature; What’s New in Safari; Developer Documentation; Apple


block …

  • cookies (HTML4 only?)
  • images
  • resources (what?)
  • pop-ups
  • “and other content.”


  • Safari Extensions Builder
  • The setContentBlocker API.
  • NSExtensionRequestHandling
  • Specification in JSON
  • Compiled to “byte code”


  • Does it work system-wide?
    Answer: unknown
  • Does it work only in Safari, not in Adware (advertising via an SDK in an app)
    Answer: probably
  • Does it work in embedded WebView?
    Answer: unknown
  • Can one build Ad Block Plus on top of this API?
    Answer: no, one cannot, according to ABP.
  • Can one build Disconnect, on top of this API?
    Answer: Unknown, though a reporter claims sufficient similarity.



        "action": {
            "type": "block"
        "trigger": {
            "url-filter": ""
        "action": {
            "selector": "a[href^=\"\"]",
            "type": "css-display-none"
        "trigger": {
            "url-filter": ".*"

Building for a World of Beacons | dot3

Building for a World of Beacons; ; dot3; 2014-04-07; 56 slides.
is CEO, dot-3 (and Locolo and Beekn)


  • dot-3 is a platform, Toronto CA
  • Beekn
  • Buzzz
    • iBeacon 101: The gateway drug for the Internet of Everything (IoT)
  • Propositional Reasoning
    • All iBeacons are BLE beacons.
    • All BLE beacons are beacons.
    • Not all beacons are BLE.
    • Not all BLE are beacons.
  • Bluetooth SMART
    • PXP => Proximity Profile => v1.0
    • iBeacon => Apple Proprietery
      • Trademark
      • Non-paired specification
      • Advertising interval
    • NO OFFERING => Android/Google/Samsung [Google/Motorola tech stack is gone]
  • Hardware
    • Slide 24 onward
  • Myths [not?] Exploded!

    • I need to send someone around to LOAD CONTENT onto my beacons
    • Beacons TRACK PEOPLE and are really just surveillance devices [uh ... this seems not a myth, but prima facie true; c.f. the Retail Case Study]
    • Beacons TRIANGULATE location.
    • No one ever turns BLUETOOTH ON.
    • No one will want to be SPAMMED with all these messages they’ll get.</quote>
  • Case Studies
    • Retail
    • Loyalty
    • Couponing
    • Other
      • Light Bulb
      • Bacon
      • Land Mines (context: United Nations & battlefield cleanup, not war making).



Android Is Huge. But Here’s Why Developers Keep Favoring Apple | Business Insider

Android Is Huge. But Here’s Why Developers Keep Favoring Apple; ; reporter; In Business Insider; 2014-04-03.

tl;dr => only poor people have Android; rich people have Apple gear.


  • Share of visits to e-commerce sites from tablets
    • iPad: 87%
    • Android: 11%
  • Average order value from tablets
    • iPad: $155
    • Android: $110
  • Share of visits to e-commerce sites from phones
    • iPhone: 60%
    • Android: 39%
  • Average order value from phones
    • iPhone: $126
    • Android: $136
  • Only on phones do Android users spend more.
  • Colorful
    • iPad users spend — $155 on 87% of visits
      colorful: Apple users do their shopping on iPad; only use their phones for the loose-change stuff.
    • An Android user is worth 1/4 of an iOS user


chart of the day ios android monetization gap

Android Apple

Android iphonesan francisco iphone android appleAndroid Apple

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How Mobile Is Eating The World | Benedict Evans, Enders Analysis at Business Insider

Benedict Evans (Enders Analysis); How Mobile Is Eating The World; In Business Insider; 2013-11-17.


  • Lots of up-and-to-the-right.
  • Irrelevance of Microsoft
  • Scale at Samsung
  • Scale at Apple
  • Tablets
  • Post-PC Vision
  • Four Horsemen
    • Google
    • Apple
    • Facebook
    • Amazon
  • Chinese Android is not Android
  • WebKit Everywhere
  • Smartphones are inherently social
    • address book
    • photo library
    • push notifications
    • home screen, task switcher
    • switching apps is easy
  • Unbundling Functions vs Unbundling Friends
  • Cards as Content Packets
  • Social as Discovery
  • Tablet Trends
  • Open Questions
    • What is the identity platform
    • Watch: protocols-and-services


  • The state of PCs
  • Smartphones are exploding
  • More mobile growth coming
  • The future is mobile
  • The world is 2017
  • Growth in emerging markets
  • Fundamental change
  • Fundamental change in scale
  • Fundamental change in use
  • What does mass mobile internet use really mean? From this…
  • … to this
  • Industry scale
  • Polarisation of manufacturers
  • The irrelevance of Microsoft
  • Scale at Samsung…
  • and scale at Apple
  • Very different products
  • Apple sticking to the high end?
  • Glass is eating the world
  • Tablets overtaking PCs
  • Tablet market splitting
  • iPad dominates use everywhere
  • Two distinct ‘tablet’ markets
  • Tablet [is] dynamic quite different to smartphones
  • Tablet [is] dynamic quite different to smartphones, continued
  • Blurring definitions
  • Tablets in 2013
  • Still lots of unknowns
  • ‘Four horsemen’ driving the agenda
  • Ecosystem sizes
  • Reach != value
  • (Chinese Android isn’t Google)
  • Geographic variation
  • Ecosystem is the key leverage point
  • People like apps
  • Mobile platform wars over?
  • Speed of innovation?
  • Different focus for innovation
  • App engagement
  • Self-selection
  • Ecosystem cohorts
  • Ecosystem cohorts?
  • Future of Android
  • Mobile social scale
  • Mobile social scale, continued
  • Children’s use of messaging
  • Smartphones are inherently social, unlike the desktop web
  • People happily abandon history, 3x slides
  • Facebook is one of many
  • Facebook is doing well on mobile
  • Half of DAUs are mobile-only
  • Is the mobile opportunity so big that it doesn’ matter to Facebook if it isn’t dominant?
  • Unbundling
  • The Aggregation Cycle
  • Unbundling Facebook
  • Unbundling functions or unbundling friends?
  • Mobile social is still in flux
  • There’s money in stickers
  • The next opportunity is creating the next platform
  • Cards as content packets – social as discovery
  • Two trends for mobile content
  • Again, all this is in flux
  • Broader uncertainty and opportunity
  • Blurring boundaries

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Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH)



  • MPEG-DASH Media Presentation Description (MPD)


  • Adaptive HTTP streaming (AHS) in 3GPP Release 9
  • HTTP Adaptive Streaming (HAS) in Open IPTV Forum Release 2.


  • Adobe Systems, HTTP Dynamic Streaming,
  • Apple, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming.



  • Use Cases
    • On-Demand
    • Live
  • Ad insertion. Advertisements can be inserted as a period between periods or segment between segments in both on-demand and live cases.
  • CDN
    • Multiple URL
    • CCN (CCNx)
  • Codec
    • Agnostic
    • Common Encryption
    • Multiple DRM
  • Coding
    • Scalable Video Coding (SVC)
    • Multiview Video Coding (MVC)


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Tech companies fret over loss of consumers’ trust after NSA revelations | The Hill’s Hillicon Valley

Jennifer Martinez; Tech companies fret over loss of consumers’ trust after NSA revelations; In Hillicon Valley; 2013-06-24.


  • Ron Bonjean, Singer Bonjean Strategies
    • partner, Singer Bonjean Strategies
    • a Republican strategist
    • Singer Bonjean Strategies is a public affairs advice boutique
  • Consumer Entertainment Internet
    • Facebook
    • Apple
    • Yahoo!
    • Google
  •  Mike Rogers
    • R-MI
    • Chairman, House Intelligence
  • Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)
  • David Drummond
    • Google
    • their “top attorney” (title?)
  • Keith Alexander
    • General Keith Alexander
    • Director, NSA
    • <quote>The TechAmerica Foundation, the non-profit educational arm of the Washington, D.C., trade group Tech America that represents tech companies like Google and Microsoft, gave NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander its “Government Executive of the Year” award last Thursday for his efforts on cybersecurity and protecting the U.S. from hacker attacks. Alexander has also traveled to the annual Defcon conference in Las Vegas to recruit skilled hackers to work for the agency.</quote>
  • Adam Schiff
    • D-CA
    • Member, House Intelligence Committee.
    • <quote>“I’m sure it’s the worst of all worlds for them at the moment. [The PRISM scandal also brings up questions] about what they’re doing with their own data — not just whether they’re providing it to the government in terrorism cases, but are they providing it to advertisers?</quote>
  • Amie Stepanovich
    • Director, Domestic Surveillance Project at the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
    • <quote>“The problem is [companies are] using this information for their own financial means, which means it’s vulnerable for government interception, I think that’s really the basic point that needs to be made here. <snip/> There are technological solutions that these companies could start looking at and engaging in … [and] change their business models to lead to greater privacy protections for all users.”

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Aldo Cortesi on the Antisec UDID Leak

From His Blog Feed



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