Xibo Client

Xibo Client

Basic (Ubuntu-centric) Recipe

Build instructions on Ubuntu 10.04.4:

  • Install the following packages: git-core gyp cmake libvdpau-dev
  • Download Berkelium Sources: [1]
  • Download Libavg 1.7.1 Sources: [2].
  • Download libbrowsernode patches [3]
  • Extract and build Berkelium following their installation guide.
  • Extract libavg
  • Copy the browsernode release files in to src/test/plugin folder.
  • Copy the Berkelium header files in to src/test/plugin (ie src/test/plugin/berkelium)
  • Build libavg as normal (following their guide).
  • Run the following to build the libbrowsernode library:
 touch a.cpp
 g++ -c a.cpp -o a.o
 g++ a.o  -shared -llibberkelium -o libberkeliumwrapper.so
  • Copy the resulting libberkeliumwrapper.so to /usr/lib
  • Run “sudo ldconfig”
  • Copy resources.pak, libffmpegsumo.so, chrome.pak and berkelium from /usr/local/bin to /usr/bin

Components & Packages

as mentioned

Referenced as Ubuntu packages

  • cmake
  • git-core
  • gyp
  • libvdpau-dev

Available as Fedora packages

  • (lib)avg
  • berkelium
  • (lib)browsernode
  • cmake
    cmake.i686 : Cross-platform make system
  • git
  • gyp
    gyp.noarch : Generate Your Projects
  • (lib)vdpau
    libvdpau-devel.i686 : Development files for libvdpau
    libvdpau-docs.i686 : Documentation for libvdpau
    libvdpau.i686 : Wrapper library for the Video Decode and Presentation API

Available by source code only

Unknown Availability

but mentioned in the manifest

  • resources.pak
  • libffmpegsumo.so
  • chrome.pak

Fedora Experience Report

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