Western Digital ShareSpace 8TB WDA4NC80000N

More generally: Western Digital ShareSpace

Summary: useable, but avoid; prefer ReadyNAS Ultra 4 or Ultra 6

Price-discounted sufficiently to compensate for the NFS implementation problems, you can use them as big-tonnage readonly archive servers (e.g. logfile storage, CD image storage, automated hot-hot backup).


NFS Support

Their NFS has weird “holds” in it.

  • The factory default squashes all user accesses to nfsnobody:nfsnobody.
  • Doesn’t support Unix hard links; fails
  • Doesn’t support various fcntl locking (characterize this)

This means that

  • All files owned nfsnobody:nfsnobody
    • Workaround: get root access, hack it
      • hand edit /etc/exports
      • hand edit the web GUI php /etc/exports generator on reboot (!!!)
  • Use of OpenOffice is impossible
    • Details: OO will not write files to these NFS volumes; period. [TODO get openoffice ticket and experience reference]
    • Workaround: do use these volumes for officework
      i.e. do not attempt to use these volumes as workspace for OpenOffice files
  • Use of autotools toolchain builds are suboptimal
    • Details: they fall back to use /bin/cp on large intermediate files instead of /bin/ln to atomically move them into place.
    • Workaround: ignore the warnings, power through the excessive network I/O and much much slower builds.

(NFS) Root Access

  • root_squash is on in /etc/exports.
  • all_squash is on in /etc/exports.

SSH Access

Available, use it.

  • hand edit /etc/exports
  • hand edit the web GUI php /etc/exports generator on reboot (!!!)

Your (ssh) root password is min 5, max 8 characters (!!!)


Purchased 2009-01, 2009-11, 2009-11.

Had lots of single disk failures on these machines.

J&R Computer sold the originals

Amazon carried my review on the 8T unit; Amazon no longer offers the 8T unit (or my review).



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