Google Mail “no longer supports” Thunderbird (or other IMAP clients)

Seems that at some point in there Google ceased to provide direct support for IMAP clients. Upon enrolling a new Thunderbird for Google mail, I vailed to be ab le to set up the account. In my gmail stream I get the notice declaring that to allow Thunderbird, I have to accept the bargin that my account t is no longer protected by modern security standards, whatver they may be.

Google’s Documentation

Application-Application-Specific Password Required

Allowing less secure apps to access your account

My client isn’t accepting my username and password

Application-Application-Specific Password Required

Spamness for Thunderbird (requires a folder rebuild)

Spamntess for Thunderbird: (sometimes) Does. Not. Work.  But if it did, it would be great!

Sees to work on some folders, but not on others.  Even with the folder rebuild. But, specifically, it isn’t working with inbox where  it is needed the most (because after inbox you have, by definition, refiled the mail so you pretty much know whether it’s spam or not).


Recall that Thunderbird is consciously uncoupling from Mozilla (long live Thunderbird!).
c.f. Thunderbird Reorganizes at the 2014 Toronto Summit; In Their Blog; 2014-11-25.