License to panhandle is validated with iBeacon, iOS and The Cloud

A bold economic theory on why panhandlers should act more like registered charities; Leslie Albrecht; In MarketWatch; 2017-07-24.
Teaser: Giving money to others boosts our happiness, but only when we know we’re making an impact

tl;dr → a license to panhandle validated with a bluetooth beacon+iOS+Cloud; appware entitled GiveSafeSamaritan, is in market now (Apple only). roles: supplicant, samaritan, supplier; It’s a scrip scheme, yet whither AML & KYC?


Contrast With

Dispossessed in the Land of Dreams; Monica Potts; In The New Republic; 2015-12-13; previously noted.
Teaser: Those left behind by Silicon Valley’s technology boom struggle to stay in the place they call home.
Monica Potts is a fellow with the New America Asset Building program.

GiveSafe → Samaritan

  • GiveSafe (now called Samaritan)
  • FoodCircles LC
  • iOS only; see iTunes
  • Developed in Seattle, WA
  • Stable:


  • New York City Mayor
  • Bill de Blasio, mayor, New York City
  • Manhattan
  • Elizabeth Dunn hasn’t studied panhandling specifically, but said <paraphrase>it was probably similar enough for the purposes of the interview</paraphrase>


Credentialing the homeless

<quote>[GiveSafe] notifies users when they walk past a homeless person who’s wearing an electronic “beacon.” The app provides the user with the story of how the homeless person ended up on the street. The <edit>mark</edit> can make a donation that the recipient can only use for essentials such as “bus fare, groceries, a haircut or storage locker.”</quote>


<quote>I could see a world where just as there are different personal trainer certifying groups, there could be different panhandler certifying groups. </quote>, attributed to Brendan O’Flaherty.
<quote>Mosques could certify panhandlers who are observant Muslims, other groups could credential panhandlers who are sober.</quote>, attributed to Brendan O’Flaherty.


  • Brendan O’Flaherty, staff, economist, Columbia University
  • Megan Hustings, interim director, National Coalition for the Homeless
  • Elizabeth Dunn, professor, psychology, University of British Columbia



In MarketWatch

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Wardriving with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) | Context Information Security

The Emergence of Bluetooth Low Energy; Scott Lester (Context Information Security); In Their Blog; 2015-05-21.
tl;dr → guy goes wardriving with his BLE unit, around Canary Warf, London, UK.

nothing to see here.

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Experimenting Monitoring and Proximity techniques using Android potential and iBeacon devices | Matteo Gazzurelli

Matteo Gazzurelli; Experimenting Monitoring and Proximity Techniques Using Android Potential and iBeacon Devices; At DroidCon; 2015-04-10; 26 slides; landing.



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Swirl Networks (Swirl)



  • Indoor mobile marketing

Lines of Business

  • Swirl for Retailers
  • Swirl for Publishers
  • Swirl for Advertisers
    • Swirl Audience Network
    • Swirl Ad Exchange (SWx)


  • Boston, MA
  • 30 employees
  • Funding
    • Series C is $18M
    • Total: $32M
  • Investors
    • Twitter Ventures
    • Hearst Ventures
    • Softbank Capitals
    • Longworth Venture Partners
    • General Catalyst Partners
  • Business Model
    <quote cite=”ref“>Swirl makes money in three ways.

    1. It sells software subscriptions to retailers who want to use its technology to build an ad network in their stores.
    2. The startup also gets a percentage of any advertising buys that are made by outside marketers, and
    3. a percentage of the money that retailers might spend to get their store’s offers featured in third-party shopping apps that partner with Swirl.</quote>
  • SecureCast™ beacon protocol (a proprietary protocol)
  • Swirl App
    • Android, Manager & Configurator
    • iOS, SWIRL In-Store Explorer
  • Support
    • Beacon (Bluetooth Low Energy)
    • does not support NFC
    • Something vague about Apple Pay (or not) <quote>provides a seamless way for retailers and brands to measure the effectiveness of their in-store mobile marketing efforts by closing the loop between beacon-triggered messages/offers and actual consumer purchases in the store.”</quote> attributed to Rob Murphy.
  • Customers
    • Alex and Ani
    • Hudson’s Bay
    • Lord & Taylor
    • Marriott
    • Timberland.
    • Urban Outfitters
  • Relationships
    • Condé Nast, an app publisher
    • SnipSnap, a coupon app
    • Hearst, an app publisher, also an investor
    • Motorola Solutions (Zebra Technologies), indoor location system, MPact.
      a partnership to sell Swirl’s beacon+app+marketing cloud; standalone and bundled with Motorola’s MPact indoor location service+rigging.
  • Positioning
    • The tech is “done”
    • The money is for sales & marketing outreach.
    • Something about how the new investors (i.e. Twitter) will help.
  • Something about wearables.
  • Something about building an RTB interface.
  • Swirl Ad Exchange (SWx)
    <quote cite=”ref“>Swirl’s programmatic ad exchange for proximity-based in-store mobile marketing</quote>


  • Hilmi Ozguc, CEO, Founder
  • Rob Murphy, Vice President Marketing


  • Beacons monitor the consumers sojourn times in known locations
  • Intent & interest is imputed to location & sojourn time.
  • Push notifications are used to incite action out of the consumer on a target or retarget basis.
  • Perhaps Twitter DMs from a robot will notify you.

Use Cases

  • <quote>Estée Lauder and Michael Kors ran in-aisle campaigns in Lord & Taylor stores across the country during the past holiday shopping season. In both cases, the brands would send users who showed intent – signaled by their spending more than a minimum set amount of time in either the beauty department or the handbag department – push notifications to learn more about certain products on display.</quote>
  • <quote>Marriott uses Swirl to target people while they’re in specific places around the hotel. Guests lounging by the pool for more than 15 minutes, for example, might find themselves pinged with a message that says, “How about a free appetizer with your next drink order?”</quote>


  • SecureCastd™ beacons (a proprietary protocol)
  • Swirl Audience Network
  • Swirl Ad Exchange (SWx)
  • Ad Units
    creatives, permissioning, regulatory compliance; multi-page, interactivity, position-triggered.
  • Hardware
    • iBeacon mode
    • SecureCast™ mode
    • BYOB (supply your own gear)
  • Swirl Mobile Client SDK
    • Android
    • iOS
  • Advertising Console (a web site)
    • Programmatic access to (participating publisher) private marketplaces
    • Package Discovery (supply package, media bundles)
    • Campaign management
    • Swirl Creator™
      requires custom creatives to run on their rendering engine & delivery platform
    • Swirl Analytics
  • Publisher SDK
    • For App publishers
    • An SDK
      • Android
      • iOS
    • Compatibilities
      • iBeacon
      • SecureCast™
    • Beacon Signalling
      • detection
      • ranging
      • event logging
      • etc.
    • Consumer Messaging
      • Frequency Capping
      • Regulatory Compliance
  • Publisher Console
    • Inventory Management
    • Ad Operations (notifications, alerts, etc.)
    • Analytics
    • Participation in Swirl Audience Network
    • Partner Permissioning
  • Retail
    • Swirl Targeting Wizard™
      • a rules engine specifier
      • location
      • day part
      • profile management
    • Campaign Management
      • Something about bucket testing


Archaeological order, derivative works on top, older material below


Swift Beacon PlatformSwift Retailer PlatformSwift Publisher PlatformSwift Advertiser Platform

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Gimbal, Inc.
11010 Roselle St, Ste 150
San Diego CA 92121-1226
United States

Gimbal Store

Gimbal Proximity BeaconsGimbal Proximity Beacon Specification Sheet

Gimbal Proximity SDK Deployment ConceptMonetization

  • This is a “for rent” scheme
    You don’t own these devices or control the service, not really. PAYGO-in-the-Cloud.
  • Use of Gimbal beacons requires a Gimbal Developer Account
  • Fees follow the count of user count
    the number of users whose devices use the Gimbal SDK and contact the Gimbal backend servers.

References: Daniel Eagle


  • Accuracy: maybe.
  • Cost: seems cheap enough
  • Proprietary Lockin: mild but definitely present; c.f. that library jarfile SDK.
  • Platform Lockin: iOS is definitly the primary
    Android seems a very very distant second thought.
  • Organizational Reliabliity: it’s a PAYGO-in-the-Cloud service model
    This seems to be the centerpiece risk issue.
    <quote>Also, in order for the SDK to work it has to call home to the Gimbal backend service once every 24 hours.</quote>

The devices, SDK & service are closed and single-supplier.  Your use is dependent upon the kindness & SLAs of Gimbal’s financial health.  Fear this and plan for this as you design. Envision that you’ll wake up some morning to read that they are shutting down the service (they can’t run it even at cost, they’ve sold it, they’ve found a better business model with someone else, they need to move offshore to get access to cheaper labor, etc.).


  • Supports
    • Apple-native
    • Android
      • Client deployment is new & rough; beta.
      • Manager app is not available.
  • Line
    • Series 10
    • Series 20
    • Series 21
  • Gimbal Beacon Manager App (Apple only)
  • Beacon Proximity Beacon Series, specification; 1 page (all 3 products)
    • Bluetooth® Smart (aka Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy)
    • Channels at 2.4GHz for non-connectable advertisements.
      • Channel 37 (2402MHz)
      • Channel 38 (2426 MHz)
      • Channel 39 (2480 MHz)
    • Compatible with iBeacon.
    • Configurable via Gimbal Manager/Gimbal Beacon Manager App
    • Modes
      • foreground
      • foreground/background
    • Levels
      • Low => -23dBm
      • Full => 0dBm, expect 164 ft (50m)
  • Gimbal Manager Servers




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  • Eventbase
    • The app lets you meet people who are “nearby”
    • Concepts
      • indoor location
      • indoor geo-location
      • “hyper-local networking.”
    • Promotional Partners
      • USA Networks
      • something about experiential marketing at the conference
  • Jeff Sinclair, co-founder, Eventbase
  • Ben West,, co-founder, Eventbase.
  • Gimbal
    • spun out of Qualcomm
    • Transmitter units are $3-$50.


(the Conference App)

Eventbase South by Southwest mobile app

Beyond Retail, Savvy Marketers Can Use Beacons in 2015 | Signal

Beyond Retail, Savvy Marketers Can Use Beacons;; (Signal); In Their Blog; 2015-03-19.
Nick Knise was an intern at Signal; he is an undergraduate at Northwestern University.


Signal Products

A recitation
  • Signal Fuse Platform
  • Signal Open Data Platform
  • Signal Unfied Customer View


  • Stroking Data Gold: Apple iBeacons; Tomas Rodriguez (Signal); In Their Blog; 2014-10-22.
    Tomas Rodriguez is Product Marketing Manager at Signal.

    • Apple iOS 8
    • iWatch
    • iBeacon
    • Bluetooth
    • Something vague about privacy
    • Something about how a shopping cart appears on the lock screen when the marketers are pounding your box; attributed to Apple Insider.



A recitation
  • Macy’s
  • Dockers
  • UGG


a recitation
  • Airport of Copenhagen
  • Airport of Shanghai
  • Airport of Miami
  • National Slate Museum, Wales, UK
  • National Roman Legion Museum, Wales, UK


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