Android Is Huge. But Here’s Why Developers Keep Favoring Apple | Business Insider

Android Is Huge. But Here’s Why Developers Keep Favoring Apple; ; reporter; In Business Insider; 2014-04-03.

tl;dr => only poor people have Android; rich people have Apple gear.


  • Share of visits to e-commerce sites from tablets
    • iPad: 87%
    • Android: 11%
  • Average order value from tablets
    • iPad: $155
    • Android: $110
  • Share of visits to e-commerce sites from phones
    • iPhone: 60%
    • Android: 39%
  • Average order value from phones
    • iPhone: $126
    • Android: $136
  • Only on phones do Android users spend more.
  • Colorful
    • iPad users spend — $155 on 87% of visits
      colorful: Apple users do their shopping on iPad; only use their phones for the loose-change stuff.
    • An Android user is worth 1/4 of an iOS user


chart of the day ios android monetization gap

Android Apple

Android iphonesan francisco iphone android appleAndroid Apple

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Intel Merrifield SoC will have “Hooks” to truncate OS functionality for aftermarket OS installs

Hooks im Kernel sollen Android sicherer machen; at Cebit, in; 2014; In German.



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Intel : hooks in the kernel to make Android more secure

Cebit 2014

Starting with the next SoC design , Merrifield, Intel plans to incorporate new security features in its x86 Android kernel . You should ensure , among other things , not slow virus scanner that tablets and smartphones unnecessary.

” We shall come originally from the corporate sector,” explains Frank Kuypers Intel talking to at Cebit . And for professional clients Kuypers is known as ” Technology Specialist ” also responsible . The moan of his observation after the moment especially on the proliferation of Android devices that are to be brought safely to the corporate network .

To this end, Intel wants that develops for years the x86 version of Android along with Google , in the next versions of its Kitkat kernel – install new features – ie for Android 4.4. Especially Hooks play a role , they are simple interfaces with which code can be inserted from one program to another. This may seem risky for certain tasks but very efficient.

In the case of x86 Android , Intel plans , among other things , file operations virus scanners allow by hooks. To ensure that only new files can then be scanned , for example, in real time , without the anti-malware and the operating system must be the usual way through the file system go . This relieves the CPU, RAM and storage medium and is so little overall slow down the system . With the still expected in 2014 SoC Merrifield Intel wants to use the hooks for the first time .

These hooks will use even with its McAfee software Intel initially , but the company already works with other providers of products for the management of mobile devices together . Whether the hooks are also publicly documented or even an SDK is created but is not yet decided. Frank Kuypers wanted this possibility but also not mutually exclusive.

Why such deeply into the operating system anchored safety features are important for Android devices , the Intel manager said on own example. In the Intel – only network mobile devices with certain versions of Android may not use all the features. Would he be provided with Cyanogenmod smartphone , there would still the Fi – then would no longer get , among other things on the phone all the e- mails to face, because the device would be classified as a potential security risk.

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Sphero Apps | but Sphero Tag takes your contact list

Fun toy … lots of fun. GoSphero

Multiplayer Device Compatibility List. tl;dr => Android 2.2 or thereafter, with bluetooth.  They even seem pretty cool about getting their code to run on aftermarket ROMS (e.g. CM9, CM10).

Lots of fun games. All but one are good to go.

But someone wants access to your contacts … (for why?  For to spam your child’s friends?)  And it’s not the aftermarket hobbyist ones you have to worry about.  It’s the vendor-supplied brand extensions.  Specifically Sphero Tag.

From their Privacy Policy

A Note About Children. We do not intentionally gather Personal Data about visitors who are under the age of 13.


Orbotix, Inc.
1155 Canyon Blvd, Suite 210
Boulder, CO 80302

I told the young lad that he would have to man up and put up if he wanted to run the game.  We already crossed that line: he runs as an adult because the Y13 rules typically get one to “no service.”  There’s gotta be a way to do multiplayer social funthings without disgorging every business relationship that I or my child have ever had.  On the flip side as a owner-operator-devops sort, why would you even want to have that data in your possession, ever. It’s pure poison for you.

Apps Surveyed

Logo Brand Name App Name Vendor
Sphero orbotix.sphero Sphero Orbotix
Sphero ColorGrab com.orbotix.colorgrab Sphero ColorGrab Orbotix
Sphero Draw N' Drive orbotix.draw Sphero Draw N’ Drive Orbotix
Sphero Drive Sphero Drive Orbotix
Sphero Pet orbotix.petdrive Sphero Pet Orbotix
Etch-o-Matic for Sphero® com.etchomatic Etch-o-Matic for Sphero® Dustin Higginbotham
Sphero Tag com.orbotix.tag Sphero Tag Orbotix
Sphero Cam com.orbotix.spherocam Sphero Cam Orbotix
Sphero Golf Sphero Golf Orbotix
Sphero Horse Sphero Horse Matt Dodge
Sphero Nyan Cat Space Party com.orbotix.spaceparty Sphero Nyan Cat Space Party Orbotix
Sphero Lights com.moobilelab.util.spherolight Sphero Lights Moobile Lab, Inc.
H-O-R-S-E for Sphero com.sgriffinusa.spherohorse H-O-R-S-E for Sphero sgriffinusa
Sphero Snake com.spherosnake.spherosnakemini Sphero Snake Banandroid
Sphero Scribe N' Drive com.orbotix.scribendrive Sphero Scribe N’ Drive Orbotix
Macrolab com.orbotix.macrolab Macrolab Orbotix
Exile com.orbotix.exile Exile Orbotix
Snow Globe Sphero com.nusoy.snowglobesphero Snow Globe Sphero nusoy
Astro Ball Astro Ball Lucent Visions
Sphormos gdg.cooltoy.sphero.osmos Sphormos Game Developers Guild
Astro Ball (free) Astro Ball (free) Lucent Visions
Spheromon gdg.atthack.spheromon Spheromon Game Developers Guild
Assistive Helmet Drive mines.eerock.sphero.helmetdrive Assistive Helmet Drive Michael DePhillips
Disc Groove com.bold_it.discgroove Disc Groove Alex Swan

Android is the most-used operating system

Tomi T. Ahonen; Android Won. Windows Lost. Now what? The Battle of the Century is Decided. Microsoft relegated to ever smaller PC corner as Google conquers the world; In His Blog; 2012-12-07.



  • Tomi Ahonen Videos; e.g. ted talks, other promotions
  • Tomi T Ahonen and Alan Moore; Communities Dominate Brands; futuretext (self-published?); 2005-03-31; no kindle; $48+.
    prediction: the title is the thesis is all there is; the book is factoids as flowers around the users.

    • Generation-C (for Community)
    • Connected Age
    • Reachability
    • the Four C’s
    • Alpha User


  • Tomi T. Ahonen is ex-Nokia
  • Lives in Kuala-Lumpur