Why Imagine The Future | Elise Boulding

Elise Boulding; Why Imagine the Future; appeared at a workshop; In Building a Global Civic Culture: Education for an Interdependent World; circa 1990; 2 pages ← whyimaginethefuture

Elise Boulding
  • 1920-07-06→2010-06-24.
  • Professor Emerita of Sociology, Dartmouth College,
  • retired to Boulder, CO
  • Areas: peace research, women’s, future studies.


  • The imagined future always has been and always will be <quote>a clean, green world of abundance, joyfully shared by men and women. This kind of imaging is a special human gift, that no follies have been able to extinguish. And as long as we can imagine a better world with minds adequately equipped for the complexities of the 21st century, we will be able to work for it.</quote>
  • History repeatts itself
    The human race wil survive
    There is a way past destruction.
  • Fred Polak
    • Image for the Future, 1953
    • “totally other”
  • Unclear why the lead paragraph hangs the ideas off of a reference to someone else (someone else’s thought).
    Answer: she credits Polack for introducing her to Future Studies, see


Via Elise M. Boulding, in Jimi Wales Wiki
  • 1920-07-06→2010-06-24.
  • Quaker
  • sociology
  • peace activism


  • Peace as an everyday process
  • peacableness
  • Women’s roles
  • Family roles
  • Global civic culture

Via Fred Polak, in Jimi Wales Wiki

  • 1907-05-01→1985-09-17.
  • Netherlands
  • Image of the Future, the book(s)
  • An award, from the Council of Europe.


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  • Elise Boulding, Kenneth E. Boulding; The Future: Images and Processes; SAGE Publications; 1994-09-22; 242 pages; Amazon:0803957904: Kindle: no, paper: $20+SHT.
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  • Fred L. Polak; The Image of the Future: Enlightening the Past, Orientating the Present, Forecasting the Future
    • Volume One: The Promise Land, Source of Living Culture; Oceana Publications; 1961-01-01; Amazon:B001COBING: no availability.  Cited as first coming available 1953 in Boulding’s essay.
    • Volume Two: not listed.

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