Roundup of Futures (Studies) Thinking

  • Sight line into the future
  • Futures scenarios
    • It all comes apart
  • Noted that the detente on civil rights and civil society ended with the election of Trump.  By giving voice, or lacking the will to voice the societal expectations, empowered the nutcases.  “The Democrats” had no strong concepts to counter the slience; the center did not hold.
  • stocks vs flows of John Hagel
  • study extremes to triangulate the middle, Foucault [really?]
  • That one about cognitive deficits that I read ona plane.
  • Peter Diamond, Guns, Germs, Steel.
  • Zero consumer service
  • Zero repair
  • Extreme Intellectual Property
    • Every thing embodies Intellectual Property
    • Everything is copyrighted, nothing is “unowned” or “public”
    • Everything is licensed, nothing is sold.
    • Such rights persist in perpetuity.
  • “The Gini Coefficient” of the future
    • The future is here, it is just not evenly distributed.
    • The income is here, it is just not evenly distributed.
  • Solutionism
  • Wicked problems
  • Quantitative Easing no longer operates
    Inflationism commences; “the reflation”
  • and

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