Facebook F8, roundup

Original Sources


  • “M” (a robot)
  • Wit.ai
  • Vendors (launch partners)
    available via Messenger

    • 1-800 Flowers
    • CNN
    • Disney
    • eBay
    • HealthTap
    • Hipmunk
    • OwnersListens
    • Salesforce
    • Shopify
    • Staples
  • Deep linking (launch partners)
    available in Messenger

    • Giphy
    • ESPN
    • Imgur
    • The Weather Channel.




All press outlets have the same gif…

Sure … but remember that chatbots is how low-end retail banking outsources customer services to the South and South-East Asia (India, Phillipines etc.) where they can make one operator multitask into ten or twenty different consumer responses at one time. … way to cut the cost out of customer services.

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