Compendium on Verizon’s Precision Marketing Insights, Precision ID, X-UIDH Header


  • Unique IDentifier Header (UIDH)
  • The (silently-added) HTTP header X-UIDH
  • X-UIDH: OTgxNTk2NDk0ADJVquRu5NS5+rSbBANlrp+13QL7CXLGsFHpMi4LsUHw
  • Behaviors (based on information & belief)
    • X-UIDH changes weekly
    • The UIDH identifier indexes demographic, persona and browing history-type records of the subscriber (of the handset or PSTN or paying account).
  • Demonstrators
  • Trade Names
    • Verizon Selects
    • Relevant Mobile Advertising
    • Verizon’s Precision Market Insights
  • Precision Market Insights, a partner
  • Availability
    • No 1st party program
    • Something vague about making data available via partnerships.
  • Capabilities
    • Demographic segments on mobile
    • loyalty
    • retargeting
  • Partners
    • BlueKai
    • BrightRoll
    • RUN
  • Pilot
    • PrecisionID
    • Kraft with Starcom MediaVest group
    • 1-800-Flowers
  • Separately
    • Precision has an in-stadium identification scheme
  • Who
    • Colson Hillier, VP, Precision Market Insights
    • Debra Lewis, press relations, Verizon.
    • Adria Tomaszewski, press relations, Verizon.
    • Kathy Zanowic, senior privacy officer, Verizon.


In archaeological order; derivative works on top, original reportage lower down.


  • Open RTB v2.1 Specification, as implemented by MoPub; on DropBox; updated 2015-02-13; landing.
    <quote>2015-02-15: Removed passing of UIDH parameter and removed all references in the specification</quote>
  • HTTP  Header Enrichment Overview; Documentation; Juniper; 2013-02-14.
    • HTTP Header insertion X-MSISDN
    • MobileNext Broadband Gateway for an Access Point Name (APN)
    • <quote>installing one or more Multiservices Dense Port Concentrators (MS-DPCs) in the broadband gateway chassis</quote>


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