Eigenmorality | Scott Ahronson

Scott Ahronson; Eigenmorality; In His Blog entitled Shtetl-Optimized; 2014-06-18.

tl;dr => discursive, something about his senior MIT advisee, eigenvalue problems nad climate change; he filed it under Nerd Interest, The Fate of Humanity.

<quote>Again, I think Rebecca Goldstein’s Plato is completely right that such a system, were it implemented, couldn’t possibly solve the philosophical problem of finding the “ultimate ground of justice,” just like Google can’t provide us with the “ultimate ground of importance.”  If nothing else, we’d still need to decide which of the many possible eigentrust metrics to use, and we couldn’t use eigentrust for that without risking an infinite regress.  But just like Google, whatever its flaws, works well enough for you to use it dozens of times per day, so a crowd-sourced eigendemocracy might—just might—work well enough to save civilization.</quote>


Via: backfill.

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