Federal Trade Commission Workshop on Cross-Device Tracking on 2015-11-16

Workshop on Cross-Device Tracking at the Federal Trade Commission; 2015-11-16.


  • Jessica Rich, Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission.
  • Lesley Fair, bloggist, George Washington University, Federal Trade Commission.


  • What’s the state of the art?
  • How are companies tracking consumers across different devices?
  • What are the pros and cons for consumers and advertisers?
  • What does the privacy and security landscape look like?
  • How can companies be more transparent about what they’re doing?
  • What can be done to give consumers more control?
  • How do existing industry self-regulatory programs apply?


<quote ref=”presser“>The use of multiple devices creates a challenge for companies that want to reach these consumers with relevant advertising.  The traditional method of using cookies to track consumers’ online activities are proving to be less effective. A cookie may not provide  a complete picture of a consumer who uses different web browsers at home, at work and on their mobile device, for example.
Industry has adopted different approaches to address this issue, from simply having consumers log in to be able to use a site or service from a different device, to methods that rely on various characteristics about a user to match their behavior from one device to another – often without the consumers’ awareness or control.</quote>


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