Administration Discussion Draft: Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights Act of 2015

Administration Discussion Draft: Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights Act of 2015; The Office of the White House; 2015-02-26; 24 pages.



  • Personally Data
  • Personally-Identifiable Information (PII)
  • De-identified data
  • Covered Entity
  • Control [to control data]
  • Delete [to delete data]
  • Customary Business Records
  • Context [Respect for Context]
  • Consent


A definition of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is enumerated

<quote>“Personal data” means any data that are under the control of a covered entity , not otherwise generally available to the public through lawful means, and are linked , or as a practical matter linkable by the covered entity, to a specific individual, or linked to a device that is associated with or routinely used by an individual , including but not limited
(F) any unique persistent identifier, including a number or alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies a networked device; commercially issued identification numbers and service account numbers, such as a financial account number, credit card or debit card number, health care account number, retail account number; unique vehicle identifiers, including Vehicle Identification Numbers or license plate numbers; or any required security code, access code, or password that is necessary to access an individual’s service account;
(G) unique identifiers or other uniquely assigned or descriptive information about personal computing or communication devices; or [anything else] </quote>


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