Bluetooth File Sharing no longer works in Fedora 20 with GNOME 3.10, but returns with gnome-user-share-3.10.1

Pafff!!  Gone.  But they don’t just come out and say that.  It used to work in Fedora 19 (GNOME 3.8) and Fedora 18 (GNOME 3.6) … it worked … it “just worked”  Now it’s just gone. You can send files outbound, but you can’t receive files on Fedora 20 (GNOME 3.10).


; Bluetooth file sharing (ObexPush) in GNOME 3.10; In His Blog; 2013-11-12.
tl;dr → support was dropped

  • ObexPush server support is fixed in gnome-user-share 3.10.1,
  • ObexFTP server support is gone.

Yet … on Fedora 20, with updates applied

$ rpm -q -a | grep gnome-user

Prior to gnome-user-share-3.10.1, this dialog in Preferences->File Sharing simply doesn’t work.  It does nothing and files sent from bluetooth devices (e.g. phones) are always refused.

The current GNOME documentation is irrelevant, out-of-date and wrong



Everything you’ve heard about millennials is wrong | The Daily Dot

Everything you’ve heard about millennials is wrong; Chris Osterndorf; In The Daily Dot; 2014-08-02

Everything you’ve heard about millennials is wrong; Chris Ostendorf(sic); In Salon; 2014-08-02.
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Everything you've heard about millennials is wrong