OpenRTB v2.2


  • Comprehensive support for private marketplace (aka private exchange or Deal ID)
  • Improved support for new types of video and mobile inventory
  • Support for signals from publishers to buyers to abide by COPPA regulations
  • Support for differentiating secure (https) and non-secure inventory
  • Support for buyers to send flags to sellers in real-time about suspected non-human traffic (aka bot traffic)



Participant (Founders)

  • Demand-Side Platforms (DSP):
    • DataXu,
    • MediaMath,
    • Turn
  • Supply-Side Platforms (SSP):
    • Google (AdMeld),
    • Pubmatic,
    • Pulsepoint (ContextWeb)
    • The Rubicon Project.

There are others (see the committers list; e.g. MediaMath)


Other Actualities

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