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<quote>As for the inevitable question about if these will be sold, and for how much…once we’re done building the system (and, “done” is a moving target — really, the whole idea is this is continuously under development and improving) I’ll make it available to qualified buyers. Because it’s open-source and a bit quirky, I’m shy on the idea of just selling it to anyone who comes along wanting a laptop. I’m worried about buyers who don’t understand that “open” also means a bit of DIY hacking to get things working, and that things are continuously under development. This could either lead to a lot of returns, or spending the next four years mired in basic customer support instead of doing development; neither option appeals to me. So, I’m thinking that the order inquiry form will be a python or javascript program that has to be correctly modified and submitted via github; or maybe I’ll just sell the kit of components, as this would target buyers who know what they are getting into, and can RTFM. And probably, it will be priced in accordance with what you’d expect to pay for a bespoke digital oscilloscope meant to take a position at the lab bench for years, and not a generic craptop that you’ll replace within a year. Think “heirloom laptop”.</quote>


CPU and GPU:

  • Freescale iMX6 CPU — same footprint can support dual-lite and quad versions:
  • Quad-core Cortex A9 CPU with NEON FPU @ 1.2 GHz
  • Vivante GC2000 OpenGL ES2.0 GPU, 200Mtri/s, 1Gpix/s (*)
  • NDA-free datasheet and programming manual

Internal memory:

  • Boot from microSD firmware
  • 64-bit, DDR3-1066 SO-DIMM, upgradable to 4GB
  • SATA-II (3Gbps)
  • Internal ports & sensors: mini PCI-express slot (for blob-free wifi, bluetooth, mobile data, etc.)
  • UIM slot for mPCIe mobile data cards
  • Dual-channel 24-bit LVDS LCD connector
  • with USB2.0 side-channel for a display-side camera
  • Resistive touchscreen controller (note: captouch displays typically come with a controller)
  • 1.1W, 8-ohm internal speaker connectors
  • 2x USB2.0 internal connectors for keyboard and mouse/trackpad
  • Digital microphone
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • header for optional AW-NU137 wifi module (*)

External ports:

  • HDMI
  • SD card reader
  • headphone + mic port (compatible with most mobile phone headsets, supports sensing in-line cable buttons)
  • 2x USB 2.0 ports, supporting high-current (1.5A) device charging
  • 1Gbit ethernet


  • 100 Mbit ethernet — dual Ethernet capability allows laptop to be used as an in-line packet filter or router
  • USB OTG — enables laptop to spoof/fuzz ethernet, serial, etc. over USB via gadget interface to other USB hosts
  • Utility serial EEPROM — for storing crash logs and other bits of handy data
  • Spartan-6 LX45 FPGA
  • High speed expansion header
  • 8x FPGA-driven digital I/O
  • 8x FPGA-driven PWM headers, compatible with hobby ESC and PWM pinouts — enables direct interfacing with various RC motor/servo configurations & quad-copter controllers
  • 13x CPU-driven supplemental digital I/Os
  • 3x internal UART ports


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