PulsePoint settles with New Jersey for $1M for violating user privacy

Alexi Friedman; N.J. wins $1 million settlement from online ad company for violating web user privacy; In NJ.com; 2013-07-25.


  • PulsePoint
    • based in New York, NY
    • Formed 2011-09
    • Via merger.
      • ContextWeb Inc.
      • Datran Media Corp.
  • Technique
    • Apple Safari
    • cookies
    • JavaScript
    • Privacy settings (3rd party cookie settings) were bypassed.
  • Span of occurrences
    • started 2009-06
    • ended 2012-02, by intervention from the Wall Street Journal (an article).
  • Quoted
    • Aleecia McDonald, director of privacy at Stanford University’s Center for Internet & Society.
    • Eric Kanefsky, director of Division of Consumer Affairs, New Jersey.
  • Settlement
    • $566,000 civil penalty
    • $150,000 for privacy protection programs and high-tech investigative tools
    • $250,000 for advertising services PulsePoint will provide “to protect the public from fraud.”

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