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myube.co because ube.co is a spam parking domain.

Ube WiFi Connected Multi-touch DimmerUbe Smart PlugUbe Smart Electrical Outlet


Household control via ambient WiFi from your personal device.


… aren’t published, something more available 2013-Q4 & 2014.

  • CPU in each device, ambient WiFi connectivity
    • Expects your ambient WiFi (802.11) network.
      • “Uses your supplied SSID and WiFi password”
      • Supports: WEP, WPA and WPA2
    • Maybe, maybe not ad hoc mode.  unstated.
    • IPv4 only?  unstated.
  • The devices communicate with each other
    • Discovery by broadcast?
  • The phone app communicates with the devices
    • Discovery by broadcast?
  • Form Factor
    • NEMA 5-15R (plug)
    • Decora-style (faceplate)
  • Loads & Form Factor
    • NEMA 5-15R
    • Resistive loads (incandescent lights, dimmable LEDs and dimmable CFL).
    • <quote>The maximum wattage is 600W in a single gang application with controlling incandescent lights. The wattage is 150W when controlling LED or CFL bulbs.</quote>


Frequently-Asked Questions

Unclear what all this means, actually … <quote>

  • 32-bit processor
  • open source API
  • advanced operating system
  • full IP stack
  • Wi-Fi connectivity


Cloud Access (Their Access to Your Network)

But you do seem to need to have access to the Ube cloud, your house is monitored in their cloud.  Seems like:

  • Submetering & reporting is done through their cloud.
  • Household control may optionally use their cloud
    • remote access
    • scheduling


  • Does it require a connection to the ube Cloud to operate?
    No. The dimmer will dim lights and turn them on and off without a connection to any cloud service.
  • What if my internet goes down?
    The Ube dimmer will continue to function normally within the house even if your internet is down. However, if your internet is down, you will not be able to get certain reporting functions nor will you be able to control the lights from outside your home.
  • What if my WiFi goes down?
    You can still control the lights from the dimmer. However, you will not be able to use the Ube app if your WiFi is down.


Ongoing Charges


  • Is there a cost for the Ube app?
    The Ube lighting app to control Ube dimmers is free.

  • Is there a monthly service charge?
    There is no monthly service charge to control your lights.



  • Tablet form factor unstated.
  • Android availability unstated.
    • only iPhone is shown.
  • Desktop browser availability unstated.
    • something about late 2013, 2014
  • IPv6 unstated.
  • Protocols unstated.
    • Something about 2014.
    • Something about WiFi m2m (machine to machine?)




Ube WiFi Connected Multi-touch Dimmer
Ube Smart PlugUbe Smart Electrical Outlet

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