CuBox by SolidRun



  • 3W
  • external 5V power supply
  • 3.2oz (91 g)
  • 1080p HDMI
  • infra-red receiver
  • gigabit ethernet port
  • eSata 3Gbps
  • 2x USB 2.0 ports
  • micro-SD, contains the filesystem
  • 1GB or 2GB memory
    • 300MB dedicated to video (so 0.7GB or 1.7GB)
  • Marvell Armada 510 SoC.
  • 800MHz dual issue ARM PJ4
  • 32bit ARMv7 architecture and instruction set
    • iwmmxt SIMD
    • VFP hardware floating point.


Really?  Seems that the (closed) installer will only download from their cloud. Really?

<quote>Download the CuBox Installer and save it to a USB thumb drive. Then insert the thumb drive into the CuBox, connect it to network and TV, then power the device on. While CuBox boots, it downloads a list of installations, and will prompt you to select one from a number of options.</quote>

<quote>For developers, adding an item to the CuBox installer is easy too! Just write a plug-in script and upload it online. Have SolidRun add that script to the latest distribution list and everyone can access your work through the CuBox Installer!</quote>

CuBox Installer; Video 7:45

The video mentions a special keyboard+mouse USB “dongle” that is necessary to support keyboard+mouse on the same USB; there being only two USB devices supported(?)


Operating Systems



Source Code

Fedora (Fedora 17)

  • graphics does not work, frame buffer support; yet Ubuntu does?
  • manual assembly & install
  • recipe updated 2013-03-04


  • 1GB => $119.99
  • 2GB => $159.99


  • Rabeeh Khoury, CTO, SolidRun


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