OWI/Maplin USB Robotic Arm





Model: Jaycar Electronics Robot Arm Kit with Controller  JK-8916


  • Movements – 5 separate movements
    • open/close of the illuminated gripper
    • wrist
    • shoulder
    • elbow
    • base rotation.
  • Supplied as a kit (unassembled)
  • Ages 12+


  • Maximum lift capacity 100g
  • Gripper opening 43mm
  • Maximum reach 320mm
  • Wrist movement 120°
  • Elbow movement 300°
  • Shoulder movement 180°
  • Base rotation 270°
  • Requires 4 x D cells
  • Base measures 225(L) x 160(W) x 40(H)mm




Seems like a good trainer for motion control via USB.

(Sourced from Amazon)

Along with the robotic arm this is a nice toy.Everything works but it’s impossible to make anything useful with this arm.You can only teach your kid basics about robotics. For a toy is kind of expensive.I couldn’t make a complete cycle using the super basic programing module..the reason being the fact that the computer sends on/off signals to the motors but it doesn’t “remember” the initial position, plus there are imperfections in the gears (like loose gears) and when you repeat a move it accentuates the error. You can program it, alright, but since the function is time based not initial/final position you can’t get the same move second or third time.

This robot is a lot of fun but would not get it for a toy for a kid with out help from an older person unless the child is very good at assembling stuff like this the assembly can be challenging but dont be discouraged if you take it slow it is a lot of fun it took me 3 weeks. But I am an old guy of 51 a younger adult could do it in less. This robotic arm is not made for any type work it for learning although it could pick up light stuff under a pound I would recomend getting the usb kit with this you can program it to perform multiple movements hours of fun

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