Chat Apps, Messaging Apps and Teens

A press cycle off the original WSJ piece, picked up by Reuters.

In archaeological order


  • Kik, Waterloo, Ontario, CA; 40M users, launch 2010; Ted Livingston, age 25, CEO
  • SnapChat
  • WhatsApp; subscription $1/year; founded 2009; 18B messages/day; “hundreds of millions” of users
  • MessageMe
  • GroupMe, First Round Capital, investment 2010-late
  • Viber, Talmon Marco, CEO, Viber; Cyprus (!)
  • KakaoTalk, Kakao Inc. (KR, Asia); 80M users; a game platform; Yahoo! Japan takes 50% stake in Kakao JP; Sirgoo Lee, co-CEO; $4M/month revenue from games.
  • LINE, NHN Corp. (CN, Asia); 120M users; Jeanie Han, CEO, Line USA
  • WeChat, Tencent Holdings Ltd. (CN, Asia); 400M users; Zynga partnership
  • ChatOn, Samsung; launch 2011-late
  • Facebook: Instagram & Messenger (was Beluga), Poke, Messenger, Camera
  • Color Quotes
    • Rich Miner, a partner, Google Ventures
    • Charles Hudson, a partner, SoftTech VC
    • Jim Goetz, a partner, Sequoia Capital.
    • Kent Goldman, a partner, First Round, backed MessageMe.
    • Talmon Marco, CEO, Viber; Cyprus (!)
    • Sirgoo Lee, co-CE, Kakao Corp.
    • Peter Deng, director of product management, Facebook
    • Jeanie Han, CEO, Line USA

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