ZaReason Chimera vs Hewlett-Packard EliteBook 8770w

Via: ; Hands-on with $6,400 of workstation-class laptop; In Ars Technica; 2013-01-29.

I have a Chimera not an 8770w. Here are the issues I’d look for in the 8770w:

  • Runs Linux?  Maybe (as-declared: runs Windows 7)
  • Cooling; these things run very (very) hot
    • The boards are configured to shut off at 95C.
    • These are server-class processors with speed step
    • You can do short bursts, but not long grinding computes
  • The limiting factor on these things is always and ever video piping out to actual viewable display area. There are only two video outputs:
    1. The inboard panel at 1980×1080
    2. The outboard DisplayPort at 2550×1600 (max?)
  • Battery life: if you want battery life, get something else.  If you get these, you want speed, capacity, capability in an 8 lb container.


Via: ZaReason

Runs Linux: guaranteed

  • No longer available 2012-12.
  • 1920×1080 display inboard panel
  • nVidia GTX 485M or nVidia GTX 560M, 2GB GDDR5
  • i3 through i7 processors available.
  • base model $1800
  • “all the dials at 11″ model circa $6600.

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