Alexis Madgrial on Cara deFabio’s “She Was a Computer” circa 2012-07-26

via Alexis C. Madrigal; Dance as Algorithm: What Happens When an Animated GIF Springs to Life; In The Atlantic; 2012-07-26.

  • Cara DeFabio’s dance/performance show, She Was a Computer.
  • dancer Sara Yassky (shown)
    • reference to Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games,”
    • Donna Haraway’s promotion of a cyborg feminism with the motto, “I’d rather by a cyborg than a goddess,”
    • Manfred Clynes and Nathan Kline in the paper that coined the term cyborg: “The purpose of the Cyborg, as well as his own homeostatic systems, is to provide an organizational system in which such robot-like problems are taken care of automatically and unconsciously, leaving man free to explore, to create, to think, and to feel.”
  • (skit) portrayed by Niki Selken
  • (skit) portrayed by Stacey Swan

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