Whither DisplayPort v1.2 MST HSR2 in 2013 or 2014?

Leo Yim; VESA hopes DisplayPort 1.2 MST hubs to be available by 2013; In SemiAccurate; 2012-10-15.
Teaser: From excitement to irrelevant: To 2013 and beyond?

See the AMD FirePro W9000

David Tjong (AMD); DisplayPort 1.2 – The future of displays and what you might be missing out on; In Their Blog; 2012-04-25.
David Tjong is on the Technical Marketing team at AMD.
Summary: concept pictures about the DisplayPort 1.2 MST Hub; it didn’t work out that way (these things may not even be available in 2013).

Something about how HDMI 1.4 will subsume this functionality anyway.

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