SafeSlinger Messaging for Mobile Devices


Seems to work.

The promotionals run so heavy on the “benies” that it is a little unclear on the use case; what this thing does for you.  It feels like it is an application of SPATE towards instant messaging and file transfer, more generally contact transfer.  Is similar to but different from from the TextSecure, which requires an SMS channel. Seems to use Google Talk? with chatter on ports https(465) and xmpp-client (5222)



  • Central server; probably at (?)
  • The server application is written for the Google App Engine platform in Python.


  • Message: Push Registration ID Arrived (from where?)


There are frequent crashes and loss of password, but … retry and rework.

Experience on

  • HTC Desire, Gingerbread (CM7)
  • Atrix 2, Ice Cream Sandwich (AT&T factory OTA)
  • Atrix 1, Jelly Bean (CM10, Emerson Pinter).

Source Code


  • Read & Write Contacts
  • Read & Write Call Log
  • Phone State & Identity
  • Modify SD Card
  • Prevent from Sleeping


  • Ho-Po Key on Android Market
  • Ho-Po Key on AppsZoom

Technical Reports


Adrian PerrigMichael Farb




  • Moxie Marlinspike is credited with the slinger concept in the tech report.


Seems to solve the same problem as the excellent TextSecure (org.thoughtcrime.securesms, github code) by Moxie Marlinspike at Whisper Systems.  TextSecure requires a valid SMS capability (i.e. it only works on live phones).


Adrian Perrig’s Research Group

Bastens; Lithium-ion Polymer (LiPo) 5-count Battery Charger for AR Drone 2.0

5 pack of Bastens Batteries & Chargers

  • 5-count 1300 mAh LiPo batteries
  • 5-count Chargers
  • Carrying case
  • Suitable for the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 & 1.0



Aldo Cortesi mitmproxy Announcements through mitmproxy 0.8





The IPv6 Chicken

The IPv6 Chicken

All this stuff is © 2010 Timmins Technologies, LLC; from his site. Herein is just recital of how it works.

If the image to the left loads fully, you have no Path MTU issues.
Your working IPv6 address is somewhere within $ADDRESS 2607:f4b8:2600:1:28a3:aeff:fedc:adda 2607:f4b8:2600:1:28a3:aeff:fedc:adda (none) 2607:f4b8:2600:1:28a3:aeff:fedc:adda

transitional technologies

Via Backfill

Who Was the Real Woman Behind “Nine and a Half Weeks”? (Sarah Weinman, The New Yorker)

Sarah Weinman; Who Was the Real Woman Behind “Nine and a Half Weeks”; In The New Yorker; 2012-11-30.


  • Ingeborg Day
    • Ghost Waltz, 1980
      Geisterwaltzer in German release, 1983.
    • Nine and a Half Weeks, 1978; under the name Elizabeth McNeill; ~120 pages.
    • (unfinished) Twelve Dozen Irises; under the name Elizabeth McNeill.
    • Something about a Scandanavian travel guide with her byline 1987.
  • Family
    • Born in Graz, Austria, in 1940-11, to Ernest Seiler and his wife (name?)
    • 1957, studying in Syracuse on a one-year exchange program sponsored by the American Field Service
    • 1960, Married Dennis Day, an Episcopal priest trainee, White Plains, NY.
    • They moved to Indiana.
    • B.A. in German studies from Goshen College, IN.
    • “Several years” teaching in small Midwestern towns.
    • Children
      • Ursla, 1963, daughter
      • Mark, birth unknown, son, deceased; died age 7
    • Worked at Ms. magazine.
    • “sometime” Married Donald Sweet, fourteen years her senior, and they lived in Port Yarmouth, Massachusetts.
    • Died, 2011-05-18, suicide; her husband died 4 days later.
  • Movie, 1986; “keeps the bare bones of plot but not much else”
    • Kim Basinger
    • Mickey Rourke


McNeill’s true identity as Ingeborg Day was first revealed by Steven M. L. Aronson in his 1983 book Hype, which is about the ways in which public figures transform themselves, physically and existentially, to satisfy the marketing machine. It was confirmed separately to me by several sources, including Day’s longtime literary agent, Wendy Weil, just two weeks before Weil died in mid-September.

Day’s “Cost Per Wear” approach to clothes: divide the price of what you wear by the number of times you wear it for the “true value” per wearing.

… lots about her Dad’s work with the Nazi SS in the ’40s; on and on about that, which is the point of Ghost Waltz

HarperCollins is scheduled to reissue “Nine and a Half Weeks,” bearing Day’s name for the first time—though no publication date has been set. They also plan to republish “Ghost Waltz”


NETGEAR ReadyNAS Ultra 6 RNDU6000


NFS Support

The ReadyNAS NFS “just works.”   This is unlike the Western Digital ShareSpace which has weird omissions that cause application-level problems; some are showstoppers.  ReadyNAS NFS has:

  • NFS v3, tcp
  • Appropriate NFS protocol negotiation at mount.
  • IPv6 seems to be “enableable” on the RNDU4000 (unclear what that means).
  • NFS v4 from a Fedora client’ has

Root Access

  • Configurable to add no_root_squash from the (FrontView GUI)
  • Configurable to a CIDR network; e.g.
    BUT this seems to have been removed on RAIDiator 5-series as experienced on the ReadyNAS NV+ v2 (RNDU4000-200NAS)

SSH Access

  • Available, by factory add-on, but untested
  • Voids warranty, apparently


Pasted (ReadyNAS Ultra 6 Specs)

  • Concurrent Use - <15 Streams
  • Processor – Dual-core 1.66 GHz Intel Atom
  • Embedded 128 MB Flash Memory for OS
  • Memory - 1GB DDR2 UDIMM (expandable)
  • Ports - 1 USB 2.0 (front), 2 USB 2.0 (back)
  • Disk Management – X-RAID2 / RAID 0, 1, 5, 6
  • Six hot-swappable drive bays
  • Dual Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet Ports
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) - 6.70 x 10.0 x 11.20 in
  • Weight – 14.90 lb without disks
  • Software controlled 120 mm chassis cooling fan
  • Power Consumption – 74W Typical (with 6 x 2 TB), 68W idle, 33W disks spun down
  • 300W server-rated 100-240V AC power supply
  • Warranty - 3 years

Exotic Application Features

  • ReadyNAS® Photos II HD photo sharing
  • ReadyNAS® private cloud technology
  • ReadyNAS® mobile access for iOS and Android™ devices
  • Transcode their videos on the fly using Plex
  • Download peer-to-peer (P2P) files using Transmission

ReadyNAS Product Lineup

  • 2-bay ReadyNAS Ultra 2, RNDU2000
  • 4-bay ReadyNAS Ultra 4, RNDU4000
  • 6-bay ReadyNAS Ultra 6, RNDU6000

Source: NETGEAR RNDU6000 Product Specifications

table-ReadyNAS-logo a
Ultra Series
Ultra Plus Series
RNDU2000, RNDU2120, RNDU2220
RNDU4000, RNDU4220
RNDU6000, RNDU6320
Ultra Configurations
Ultra Plus Configurations
Diskless, 2 TB, 4 TB
Diskless, 4 TB
Diskless, 6 TB
Ultra CPU
Ultra Plus CPU (up to 30% faster)
Intel® Atom™ single-core
Intel® Atom™ dual-core
Intel® Atom™ single-core
Intel® Atom™ dual-core
Intel® Atom™ dual-core
Intel® Pentium™ dual-core
Ultra Chassis Color
Ultra Plus Chassis Color
Silver metallic
Black metallic
Silver metallic
Black metallic
Silver metallic
Black metallic
1 GB
1 GB
1 GB
3.5” Bay Configuration
Maximum Internal Capacity
6 TB
12 TB
18 TB
Gigabit LAN
USB Ports
1 USB 3.0 (front)
2 USB 2.0 (back
1 USB 2.0 (front)
2 USB 2.0 (back)
1 USB 2.0 (front)
2 USB 2.0 (back)
Disk Management
ReadyNAS® X-RAID2™
RAID 0, 1
ReadyNAS® X-RAID2™
RAID 0, 1, 5
ReadyNAS® X-RAID2™
RAID 0, 1, 5, 6
Backup Software (included)
Memeo® Premium Backup
3 liftetime licenses per box
Memeo® Premium Backup
3 liftetime licenses per box
Memeo® Premium Backup
3 liftetime licenses per box
LCD Panel
Dimensions (H x W x D)
142 x 101 x 220 mm
5.59 x 3.98 x 8.66 in
205 x 134 x 223 mm
8.07 x 5.28 x 8.78 in
250 x 170 x 285 mm
10.00 x 6.70 x 11.20 in
Without disk: 2.12 kg / 4.67 lb
Without disk: 4.70 kg / 10.35 lb
Without disk: 6.76 kg / 14.90 lb
Power Supply
External Power Adapter, 60 W
Internal Power Adapter, 120 W
Internal Power Adapter, 300W
Warranty Terms
3 years, limited warranty
3 years, limited warranty
3 years, limited warranty


Buying (Amazon)

NETGEAR ReadyNAS Ultra 6 (6-bay, diskless) Network Attached Storage, latest generation RNDU6000; $729 + tax + $0 shipping.
Western Digital Caviar Green 3 TB SATA III 64 MB Cache Bare/OEM Desktop Hard Drive – WD30EZRX; $138 + tax + $0 shipping.
Complete Buy
  • 1x NAS = $739
  • 6x HDD = $828
  • Tax = $138
  • Shipping = $0

Total = $1705

Item Price Count Cost Totals
RNDU6000 $739.00 1 $739.00
WD30EZRX $138.00 6 $828.00
Tax 8.75% $137.11
Shipping $0.00
Total $1,704.11


ip4tables (iptables) for ReadyNAS RAIDar

Assuming your LAN is

# RAIDar
#     $readynas:22081 ->* where * is around 45K-60K
#     $client:22081 ->*   where * is around 45K-60K
-A WHITELIST-Ports --protocol udp  --match udp --source-port      22081 --source --destination --jump ACCEPT
-A WHITELIST-Ports --protocol udp  --match udp --destination-port 22081 --source --destination --jump ACCEPT


  • RAIDar is an IPv4-only thing; if you’re running IPv6, nothing interesting happens there



Some dude hacked up a Windows 8 Metro-style RAIDar clone in C#, with the tiles and the primary colors and everything.

emoacht; RAIDar Protocol Demo for Metro; In His Blog; 2012-08-08.

Discovering your NETGEAR ReadyNAS without RAIDar

Discovering your ReadyNAS without RAIDar; In NETGEAR ReadyNAS Community Forum; 2005-01-24.
tl;dr => Advice that’s still good after all these years: use nmblookup on your SMB domain

Works for me…

$ nmblookup -R EMERSON

Slingshots and Their Maintenance

Slingshots and Their Maintenance

Aftermath Bone Collector Sport Slingshot with Adjustable Sight, Red Laser and Light by AfterMath
Aftermath Bone Collector Sport Slingshot with Adjustable Sight, Red Laser and Light

Leather pouch ripped on the first pull.

Aftermath Kavia Elite Sport Slingshot by AfterMath
Aftermath Kavia Elite Sport Slingshot


From Slingshot Bands RR-T in

Trumark RRT Slingshot Powerbands

From Tuning Your Slingshot from (

Read it…

From How to install Trumark® Slingshot powerbands in

  1. Dip the band ends into approximately 1/8 inch of ordinary rubbing alcohol that does not contain glycerin or lotion. Do not use soap anywhere on the bands, as soap will cause the bands to deteriorate.
  2. Slip the bands about one inch onto the slingshot prong-ends. (Be sure that both bands are slipped on an equal distance).
  3. Immediately (before the alcohol can dry) turn the entire one inch of rubber that has been slipped onto the prongs until the leather pouch is adjusted properly and “sits” straight. Your slingshot will shoot straighter if this is done properly.
  4. Do not shoot or pull backwards on the slingshot powerbands for 24 hours to allow the alcohol to dry.

IPv6 Source & Destination Address Selection: RFC 6724, RFC3484, addrlabel, gai.conf




Source Address Rulescite

  1. Prefer same address.
  2. Prefer appropriate scope.
  3. Avoid deprecated addresses.
  4. Prefer home addresses.
  5. Prefer outgoing interface.
  6. Prefer matching label.
  7. Prefer privacy addresses.
  8. Use longest matching prefix.

AT&T Password Restrictions: twelve chars short of a UUID, but no swears

Password Restrictions

  • Passwords are case sensitive.
  • The password must be 6-24 characters and may consist of a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, underscores (_), or hyphens (-).
  • Passwords can’t be all letters or all numbers.
  • The password can’t be the same as your AT&T Access ID.
  • The password can’t contain the words “password,” “admin,” “pa$$w0rd,” or other common words.
  • The password can’t contain obscene language.


  • Perilously close to being able to use UUIDs for passwords. Huzzah!
  • Not clear how the obscene language proscription is helpful anywhere in the stack at all; they’re hashing them immediately and irrevocably on intake, yes?


Bring up multiple WordPress instances on Fedora 16

Problem Statement

  • WordPress, circa WordPress 3.4.2
  • Fedora 16
    • SELinux to be used
    • Dual-stack visibility (IPv4 and IPv6)3
  • Multitenancy => multiple nonstandard locations for the code, config & data management trees.
    • Multiple blog sites
    • Multiple web sites


  • /etc/httpd virtual hosting
  • /var/http contains multiple web sites at /var/http/sitename
  • /var/wordpress contains multiple blog sites at /var/wordpress/blogname
  • /etc/wordpress contains the multiple wp-config.php, each named sitename.php
    Therefore the symlink /var/wordpress/sitename/wp-config.php has the (pointer) value ../../../etc/wordpress/sitename.php


Expect policy-version and release dependencies surrounding the SELinux in the new location. Fedora 16 isn’t the latest thing out there, so some of the policy problems will already have been fixed. Other policy problems will appear do the new use case: installing in an unexpected location.

Concept: SELinux is good, and true and wonderful, and it will protect you. Use it, learn it, live it. The pain you feel is operations safety entering your system.



Previous Experiences

cd /var/wordpress/landfill
sudo chcon -v -R --reference=/var/www/html .
sudo semanage fcontext -a -t httpd_sys_rw_content_t
sudo restorecon -v /var/wordpress/landfill/wp-content/uploads
getsebool -a
sudo setsebool -P httpd_can_network_connect on

Outstanding Issues

  1. Uploading a new header; error message: Image could not be processed. Please go back and try again.
    • nothing in /var/www/httpd/landfill/error_log
    • nothing in /var/log/messages/

    Suggestion: yum install php-gd
    Reference: cite
    Result: not helpful (no change)

    Dec 1 00:07:28 opened yum[13986]: Installed: t1lib-5.1.2-9.fc16.i686
    Dec 1 00:07:28 opened yum[13986]: Installed: php-gd-5.3.18-1.fc16.i686


Aldo Cortesi on the Antisec UDID Leak

From His Blog Feed



OpenFeint closed 2012-12-14.

The McRib is Back!

reason to eat a McRib 101


Via Jim Wales Wiki


For 2012, McDonald’s announced that the McRib’s annual release would be delayed until the 17th of December, as opposed to its traditional autumn release (which will instead be used to debut the Cheddar Bacon Onion Angus Burger, or “CBO”). The move is an effort to boost sales during the December period in an attempt to match 2011′s abnormally high restaurant-wide sales figures.[18]

Via McRib 2012: Release Of Cult Sandwich Slated For Dec. 17, McDonald’s Announces; In Huffington Post; 2012-12-04.

Mcrib 2012

Attention McRib fans: your wait is almost over. McDonald’s announced Monday that everyone’s favorite non-anatomically-correct pork sandwich will be returning to locations throughout the country on December 17. That’s right: the McRib 2012 release date is less than two weeks away!

The 2012 McRib release date was originally supposed to be October 22. But the sandwiches were delayed because of unseasonably warm weather earlier in the fall. Then AdAge revealed that the McRib would return in “the second half of December,” leading some McRib cult fanatics to worry that they wouldn’t be able to enjoy their favorite treat until Christmas. As it turns out, the McRib release date this year is a bit earlier than they feared, which is its own kind of Christmas present from McDonald’s.

Given how much excitement greets the McRib release date every year, you’d think that McDonald’s would want to just make it a permanent part of its menu. But a company executive recently revealed that sales for the McRib really aren’t high enough to justify a year-round spot on the McDonald’s menu; it only makes sense to include it for the holidays, when the hunger for pork is at its highest.